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How DataCamp’s Certification is helping learners land their dream jobs

After training on DataCamp and successfully getting certified as professional data scientists, see how Peter and Sebastian landed roles in their target industries through DataCamp’s help.
Aug 2021  · 3 min read

We recently spoke with two of our certified DataCamp learners on how getting certified and our personalized career coaching helped them land their dream jobs.

After learning and applying your skills on DataCamp, getting certified is the next step to help you launch or further your career in data science.

Peter's DataCamp journey

Peter is the perfect example of this experience.

Upskilling data science skills

From a young age, you could catch Peter playing multiple sports such as basketball, hockey, and his personal favorite, baseball. His love for playing sports spurred his interest in working in the field. After completing his studies at Carleton University, he landed a job as a sports statistician at the university. During this experience, Peter quickly came to realize that he needed to further upskill himself to continue his professional development in the sports analytics space.

This is where DataCamp came in. Peter spent a total of three years learning and practicing to continuously expand his skillset. Case studies provided the ideal opportunity to apply his skills to a portfolio, often working on one for two weeks.

Getting in touch with DataCamp career services team

Once DataCamp launched Certification, Peter jumped on the opportunity and successfully completed the assessments. After getting certified, Peter got access to our career services team that helped guide him through his job search.

“We had a whole conversation around my resume. Working with the DataCamp career services team really helped me position myself for success during my job search.”

Landing a data analytics job in the Canadian Olympics team

Remember that little seed that was planted to work in the sports industry? Certification was his ticket in. Through this experience, Peter was able to land a job on the analytics team for the Canadian Olympics team! Given the success of the Canadian team at this year's Summer Olympics, we’re sure there will be lots for Peter to dive into: seven gold medals, six silver and 11 bronze!

Sebastian's DataCamp journey

Upskilling data science skills

Next up, we’d like to introduce you to Sebastian. Having recently moved to the United States (during a pandemic), Sebastian took this opportunity to further upskill his data science skills through DataCamp. After getting certified and working with our career services team, Sebastian landed his dream job in the pharmaceuticals industry at Johnson & Johnson!

“The process was awesome! Personalized sessions with top insight and recommendations!”

Landing a data science job in Johnson & Johnson

Having moved from Colombia, Sebastian was not used to writing cover letters in the past. Our career services team was able to help him bridge this gap, and help position him for success. In his next role, Sebastian will be working as a data analyst at Johnson & Johnson, developing dashboards for insights, and in the future, aided with machine learning.

We wish them both the best of luck in their future endeavors!

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