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Understand AI with DataCamp: New Courses on ChatGPT, Generative AI, LLMs, and More

Find out how you can master AI and benchmark your skills with DataCamp. Learn about LLMs, Generative AI, AI Ethics, and how to implement ChatGPT and other AI solutions in business.
Jul 2023  · 8 min read

Whether you are fully embracing the ongoing AI revolution or still on the fence about how AI will affect your job or business, being AI literate is fundamental to confidently operating in this new reality.

But what is AI literacy?

AI literacy is the ability to effectively and responsibly utilize, understand, and guide AI systems.

It involves understanding fundamental concepts like LLMs and NLP, familiarizing yourself with technologies such as ChatGPT and Decision Trees, and recognizing the ethical implications of AI, alongside being able to critically evaluate and navigate AI-driven systems and their impact on various aspects of business and society. We've prepared a comprehensive guide on how to learn AI from scratch in 2023, which covers the topic in more detail. 

AI Skills for Everyone

At DataCamp, our mission is to democratize data and AI skills for everyone. We are excited to announce our brand-new AI curriculum, prepared in collaboration with experts from Google, Microsoft, and Duolingo, to help you gain essential AI literacy skills.

Before introducing the new DataCamp courses, tracks, and skill assessments, let’s break down the key AI skills and the expertise required for different roles to work with AI.

We can identify three key roles and expected skill areas:

  • Everyone needs to understand key AI concepts, terminology, the principles of AI ethics, and be able to leverage tools like ChatGPT for personal productivity.
  • Business Leaders and AI Product Managers need to identify AI applications to optimize business processes, improve customer experience, and unlock more value inside the organization.
  • Data Scientists and Developers should possess a deep knowledge of AI algorithms and frameworks, proficiency in programming languages such as Python or R, hands-on experience leveraging AI to unearth insights, and skills to implement new and fine-tune existing AI models and integrate them into products and services.

AI skills for every learner

On top of our 80+ courses on Machine learning and AI for Data Scientists and Developers, we have added seven new courses to help everyone build modern AI skills.

Read on to learn about the latest AI Fundamentals track and skill assessment and seven new courses covering ChatGPT, LLMs, Generative AI, AI Ethics, and more.

AI Fundamentals Skill Assessment

How familiar are you with the key AI concepts? Are you confident using the AI jargon and identifying the use cases for LLMs, NLP, and Clustering algorithms?

Start learning AI by identifying your knowledge gaps with the new AI Fundamentals Skill Assessment. It comprises 15 interactive questions, takes less than 15 minutes, and helps you benchmark your knowledge level against other DataCamp learners.

Knowledge summary

AI Fundamentals Skill Track

To provide you with a structured way to learn about AI, we’ve prepared a new AI Fundamentals skill track. It comprises the new Understanding Artificial Intelligence, Introduction to ChatGPT, LLMs Concepts, Generative AI Concepts, and AI Ethics courses, as well as the Understanding Machine Learning Course, helping you get a holistic overview of the AI landscape. Below you can get an overview of all the new courses being part of this skill track.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence Course

To begin your journey in AI literacy, we have prepared an introductory course that will teach you the key concepts. Through seven bite-sized videos and 25 interactive exercises, uncover the jargon terms everyone keeps talking about, such as machine learning, deep learning, explainable AI, natural language processing, generative models, and more. You will also explore various AI applications in everyday life and the AI techniques behind the scenes.

Learning AI on DataCamp

From the Understanding Artificial Intelligence course, you will learn how organizations can become AI-driven, the key lessons learned, the challenges, and the societal implications of AI's unstoppable progress.

Introduction to ChatGPT Course

As you may know, ChatGPT and other large language models have disrupted how businesses and professionals use AI daily, launching AI into the mainstream.

With our new Introduction to ChatGPT course, anyone can now succeed with this tool.

Learn and practice the best techniques for writing prompts through common business use cases, and discover how to adopt ChatGPT for your specific workflows. Additionally, to help you learn faster, you will have the opportunity to interact with ChatGPT directly within the DataCamp platform.

Learn ChatGPT on DataCamp

Large Language Models (LLMs) Concepts Course

LLMs are the foundation of AI's ongoing revolution. The new Large Language Models Concepts course takes you through the exciting world of LLMs, exploring how they are reshaping the AI landscape and factors that fuel the LLM boom.

This course showcases LLMs' potential in finance, healthcare, and content creation. You'll also dive into cutting-edge multi-modal applications, such as visual question answering, and learn about state-of-the-art training methods that drive LLMs. It is also crucial to apply LLMs responsibly–and this course also addresses ethical challenges and environmental considerations in LLM training.

Generative AI Concepts Course

Generative AI is a type of AI that can create new content from text, images, and other sources. In this generative AI concepts course, discover how these models generate content, their place in the machine-learning landscape, and how they are developed. You will also explore generative AI's ethical and legal considerations, including how to prevent bias and use these models responsibly. Finally, uncover the future of generative AI and learn how to collaborate effectively with these tools yourself.

AI Ethics

Despite being part of every conceptual course on AI mentioned above, AI ethics is such a fundamental topic that we’ve prepared a dedicated AI ethics course to help you dive deeper into the key practices. From this course, you can unpack the core principles of AI Ethics and discover a promising technique, explainable AI (XAI), to help integrate these principles into many AI systems.

Discover the value ethical frameworks present to organizations of all sizes and prepare yourself to tackle tomorrow's ethical challenges with AI ethics by design.

Implementing AI Solutions in Business Course

After learning the AI essentials, you might seek ways to leverage AI to optimize business processes, improve customer experience, and unlock more value in your organization.

With the new Implementing AI Solutions in Business course, you'll practice identifying appropriate business use cases, building a proof of concept, measuring success, and evaluating how to move from POC to a fully implemented solution. You'll learn how responsible AI, security, and upskilling are equally important components of adopting AI in your organizations.

Implementing AI Solutions Course

Working with OpenAI API Course

In recent years, OpenAI has established itself as a leader in developing advanced AI models, including GPT-4 and making them accessible to the broader community through applications like ChatGPT. These models have the potential to revolutionize not just your workflow but also the products and services offered by businesses to their customers.

To tap into the business benefits of OpenAI's models, data scientists can leverage the OpenAI Application Programming Interface, known as API.

Throughout this Working with OpenAI API course, you'll gain practical experience using the OpenAI API in Python and explore its extensive range of functionalities. By the end of the course, you'll possess the skills and knowledge necessary to harness the capabilities of the OpenAI API and develop solutions for real-world business challenges.

Working with the OpenAI API Course


To thrive in the era of data and AI, it is essential for individuals and organizations to build AI skills. Start learning AI by benchmarking your knowledge level and continue on a structured pathway with the AI Fundamentals skill track. Get yourself and your team familiar with AI essentials, LLMs, Generative AI, and AI Ethics Learn to apply ChatGPT and get guidance on implementing AI solutions in business and working with OpenAI API.

Don’t fall behind—embrace AI literacy and unlock the transformative power of AI with DataCamp.


Start Learning AI Today!


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