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DataCamp Recruit: A better way to hire data professionals

DataCamp Recruit is built to help you find, hire and scale industry leading data teams. The platform provides access to one of the largest sources of certified data professionals, with clear insights into the precise skills, experience, and expertise that they have.
Aug 2022  · 2 min read

Why we launched DataCamp Recruit 

The demand for data professionals has never been higher, while the supply of qualified candidates remains low. On top of that, the difficulty around testing for technical skills makes hiring data professionals one of the most arduous roles for a recruiter.

With DataCamp Recruit, we provide recruiters with access to not only one of the largest sources of job-ready data professionals, but also clear insights into the technical abilities of each candidate. With our easy to use filters, you can get to the right hire faster. 

What can DataCamp Recruit do for you? 

It can take months to find and hire the right data professional, but with DataCamp Recruit we get you there in minutes.

Data professionals on DataCamp have a diverse set of experience and backgrounds. Through our filtering tool, you can match with candidates and skill sets that you need to hire for. This saves you time, and gives you clear insights into their skills, helping you to hire with confidence. 

DataCamp’s content and curriculum are designed by leaders in data science, so candidates are equipped with up-to-date technical skills making them ready to work from day one. 

Plus you can hire candidates certified by our #1 ranked certification program (Forbes, 2022). Candidates certified by DataCamp are not only tested for their technical skills, but also on their soft skills such as their ability to translate data into insight, while communicating effectively.

Professionals on DataCamp Recruit are ranked across six key categories:

  • Data management
  • Exploratory analysis
  • Statistical experimentation
  • Model development
  • Coding in production environments
  • Communication

What candidate profiles on DataCamp Recruit look like:

DataCamp Recruit Profile

See for yourself: Check out our short demo to get an idea of how to use DataCamp Recruit

Get Started with DataCamp Recruit

Like what you see? Get started with Recruit today for free, or request a free demo to find out more about the platform.

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