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Top Data Science Conferences for 2022

In this article, we'll outline awesome data science conferences to attend for the remainder of the year.
Apr 2022  · 10 min read

Data science conferences are a great way to build data skills and your data career. They provide a great opportunity to hear from industry experts on advancements in the industry, discover best practices and tips from leaders who are successfully deploying solutions in the real world, and attend workshops to build on existing skills and add new data skills. More importantly, these conferences provide great networking and career-building opportunities. 

This article focuses on some of the biggest and most useful data science conferences to attend in the remainder of 2022. There are a mix of locations and focus topics to provide conferences that are useful for all data scientists, regardless of skill level, experience, and tenure in their organizations. Some of these conferences are more tailored toward data practitioners with workshops and hands-on training sessions, while others are more targeted toward data leaders looking to scale the impact of data science in their organizations.     

DataCamp Radar Summit

  • Dates: June 23rd
  • Locations: Online
  • Cost: Free of charge

We're excited to be hosting DataCamp Radar, our summit helping practitioners and leaders navigate the future of data careers. At this conference, we'll be joined by leaders from Capital One, Wayfair, and Johnson & Johnson (plus many more) for two streams of talks, panels, and webinars aimed at building data teams, and launching careers in data.

Data Innovation Summit 2022

  • Dates: May 5-6, 2022
  • Locations: Hybrid — Can be attended virtually and in-person in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Cost: 2,390 SEK (Virtually) or 5,490 SEK (in person)

This conference is focused on bringing together as many innovative minds in data science, big data, ML, AI, data management, and data engineering as possible. The two-day conference provides over 200 case studies and technical deep dives from industry leaders, and a variety of workshops and crash courses on data science and machine learning. The goal is for all of the most innovative data and AI projects to be shared to drive the future of this industry. It is intended for and targeted to data practitioners across all sectors and countries to collaborate and innovate together. 

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

  • Dates: May 9-11, 2022
  • Locations: London, U.K.
  • Cost: €3,550

This conference is intended for Data leaders. The conference focuses on business strategy, technology, and leadership in data science. Speakers and workshops focus on helping organizations plan for the future, leveraging data for business outcomes, creating strategic plans to accelerate change with data, best practices for building a data culture, and aligning data and analytics with business outcomes. Gartner provides access to over 100 sessions of research in many different tracks, all focused on helping organizations deliver value through data.  

Tableau Conference

  • Dates: May 17 - 19, 2022
  • Locations: Hybrid — Las Vegas, Nevada, US (In-person) and available globally online
  • Cost: Free (virtually) or $1900 (in person)

Tableau Conference 2022 (TC22) is intended for a wide audience. They have many sessions ranging in topics from guides and training sessions on using Tableau, to data leaders discussing data culture and the future of business intelligence within organizations. The sessions have Q&A available both in-person and virtually and provide a great way to connect with individuals and organizations using Tableau. 

Data Reliability Engineering Conference 2022

  • Dates: May 25-26, 2022
  • Locations: Virtual
  • Cost: Free

This conference is the only conference that focuses on data reliability engineering. It includes hands-on workshops, live Q&A, and presentations on the role of data reliability engineers and the future of the role. This conference includes speakers from large companies like OpenSea, Strava, Gap, and DoorDash and is a very informative conference for those learning about data reliability and quality. 


  • Dates: May 18-19, 2022
  • Locations: Columbus, Ohio, US
  • Cost: Free

This conference is meant for data and machine learning teams to learn about the data engineering challenges often faced in the real world, and how to go about solving them. An impressive group of speakers from organizations like Uber, CashApp, and Volvo, will deep dive into best practices, development patterns, tools, and interesting architectures to scale the deployment of machine learning models in production.  

World Data Summit

  • Dates: May 18-20, 2022
  • Locations: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Cost: €1,295 (conference), €795 (workshop day), and €1,595 (both days) 

This conference is intended for both data leaders and data practitioners. The goal of this conference is to educate attendees on the process of developing data science solutions for business and customer growth. Key topics at this conference include customer analytics, attribution modeling for marketing analytics, and model interpretability techniques. Speakers will also cover forward-looking themes such as new tools and trends, building a data culture, and more. This summit provides the option to get hands-on training in workshops, learn from industry experts at the conference, or get a combination of the two. 

DataConnect Conference By Women In Analytics

  • Dates: June 2-3, 2022
  • Locations: Columbus, Ohio, US
  • Cost: $550

This conference is meant to be accessible to a wide audience including analysts, data scientists, machine learning engineers, software developers, researchers, students, entrepreneurs, and executives. The conference provides a platform for Women data leaders in data science and will focus on personalization and human-centered machine learning. Specifically, over 50 speakers will tackle questions around governance & risk, AI & ML, Data engineering & management, leadership & strategy, driving value & communicating insights, and will cover some industry use cases.

In addition to speakers, there will also be a virtual career fair including companies like Google, Intel, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Starbucks, competitions, Q&A sessions with experts, and ways to connect with sponsoring companies. 

Ai4 2022

  • Dates: August 16-18, 2022
  • Locations: Las Vegas, Nevada, US, and Virtual
  • Cost: $595

This conference focuses on the responsible adoption and development of AI and machine learning technologies in organizations. It features data practitioners and leaders coming from industry, academia, and government. The different track sessions will specifically cover how to use data science and machine learning responsibly across a variety of use-cases and industries, such as finance, insurance, automotive, telecom, healthcare, and more. Moreover, it covers technical tracks providing workshops and training sessions on how to apply responsible AI techniques to technologies like recommender systems, computer vision applications, and more. 

Marketing Analytics & Data Science

  • Dates: November 14-16, 2022
  • Locations: San Antonio, Texas, US, and Virtual
  • Cost: $1,099

This conference focuses on Marketing-specific uses of data science. It dives into web analytics, MarTech, business intelligence, and data-driven GTM strategies. The conference began in 2016 and has explored the intersection of marketing and data analytics ever since. The conference features a wide range of industry leaders covering best practices for driving synergies between data science and marketing, building a data culture within an organization, and strategies for driving more impact with data science. 

Deep Learning Summit, London

  • Dates: September 22-23, 2022
  • Locations: London, U.K., and Virtual
  • Cost: £595 (in person) or  £495 (virtually)

This summit is intended for seasoned data practitioners and data leaders who are trying to understand where the AI is headed. This conference provides insights into the latest technological advancements and practical applications of deep learning in the real world. It features speakers from academia and industry, and attempts to bridge the gap between research and the real-world applications of deep learning. Topics include a wide range of themes, covering new deep learning architectures, industry use-cases, new tools and frameworks, and more. 

ODSC West Reconnect

  • Dates: November 1-3, 2022
  • Locations: San Francisco, California, USA
  • Cost: $1,299

Arguably one of the most popular data science conferences out there, ODSC West Reconnect is intended for data practitioners of all skill levels. It is one of the largest applied data science training conferences in the world. It features prominent speakers such as contributors to many highly-used open source tools, professors at top universities, and leaders at top data organizations. This event is broken up into data science training sessions followed by talks, workshops, and keynotes presented by leaders in the industry.  

AI & Big Data Expo

  • Dates: December 1-2, 2022
  • Locations: Olympia, London, U.K., and Virtual
  • Cost: Free

This Expo is meant to be widely accessible to both data leaders and data practitioners. The main topics covered in this conference are business intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, AI algorithms, data & analytics, and virtual assistants and chatbots. Virtual assistants and chatbots are particularly interesting and not a key focus area in the other conferences on this list.  This event has also brought in speakers in the past from organizations like BBC, Dell, Spotify, and AstraZeneca. This event is also co-located with four other technology-focused events focused on IOT tech, blockchain, cyber security, and 5G.   

Corinium Intelligence Events

  • Dates: All-year-round
  • Locations: Virtual and physical across the world
  • Cost: Not Available

Corinium Intelligence regularly hosts both small and large conferences all year round aimed at data leaders looking to scale the impact of analytics within their organizations. With their CDAO (Chief Data and Analytics Officer) events series — they bring together leading CDAOs across a variety of cities to cover topics such as data culture, upskilling, data monetization, and more. 

We hope you enjoyed this list of conferences to attend for the remainder of the year. Note that prices may vary based on when you register and the package you choose. 

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