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March 21, 20249 AM EDT

AI innovation is democratizing data and analytics for all.

Join us for RADAR: The Analytics Edition—a free digital event exploring transformative outcomes with business intelligence and analytics.

Join speakers from:

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  • EuropeMarch 212 PM—8 PM GMT
  • Middle East & AfricaMarch 213 PM—9 PM SAST

Succeeding with analytics is mission-critical

Innovations in AI, business intelligence, and analytics tooling are transforming how organizations can leverage data. Learn how your organization can achieve analytics & business intelligence success.


of organizations believe investing in data and analytics is a top priority


of employees have adopted BI or analytics tools as part of their daily work

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BI is the most important data skill for teams in the last five years


claim their biggest obstacle to becoming data-driven is lack of data culture


Join industry experts

Drive analytics adoption

Modernizing your data stack with cutting-edge BI tools is one thing; adoption is another. Discover best practices to adopt and effectively use tools like Power BI, Tableau & Alteryx to gain a competitive edge.

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Screenshot of ChatGPT
Foster a learning culture

Building momentum for learning new analytics & BI tools is easy—sustaining it is hard. Discover proven strategies for fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation.

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Connect with industry leaders

Network with other like-minded professionals within data, analytics and AI. Learn how to drive analytics success within your organization and thrive in this new world.

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RADAR: The Analytics Edition agenda

March 21

Opening Session: A Tipping Point in Data Democratization

Jonathan Cornelissen
Jonathan CornelissenCEO, DataCamp

For years, the advancement of data-driven decision-making and analytics adoption within organizations has progressed slowly, but recent surges in AI innovation is now quickly breaking these barriers. In this session, Jonathan Cornelissen, CEO at DataCamp, will unpack how we are at a tipping point in data democratization, and how individuals and organizations can succeed with analytics in an AI-driven world.

The Art of Data Storytelling: Driving Impact with Analytics

Brent Dykes
Brent DykesFounder & Chief Data Storyteller, AnalyticsHero
Andy Cotgreave
Andy CotgreaveSenior Data Evangelist, Tableau
Lea Pica
Lea PicaData Storytelling & Presentation Advocate, Story-Driven Data

Driving impact with analytics & business intelligence goes beyond numbers and graphs; it's about telling a story that resonates. In this session, Brent Dykes, author of "Effective Data Storytelling" & the Founder & Chief Data Storyteller at AnalyticsHero, Lea Pica, author of "Present Beyond Measure" & the Founder at Story-driven by Data, and Andy Cotgreave, co-author of "The Big Book of Dashboards" and Senior Data Evangelist at Tableau, will unveil how to transform data into compelling narratives.

They will shed light on the art of blending analytics with storytelling, a key to making data-driven insights both understandable and influential within any organization.

ChatGPT & Generative AI: Boon or Bane for Data Democratization?

Libby Duane Adams
Libby Duane AdamsFounder & Chief Advocacy Officer, Alteryx
Benn Stancil
Benn StancilField CTO, ThoughtSpot

Is Generative AI a stepping stone or a roadblock on the journey towards data democratization? In the session, Benn Stancil, Field CTO at ThoughtSpot and CTO at Mode, and Libby Duane Adams, Founder & Chief Advocacy Officer at Alteryx will discuss the multifaceted impacts of generative AI technologies on analytics and data democratization. They will deep dive into how Generative AI promises to radically transform analytics workflows and democratize data work for all, and outline the risks and potential consequences we can expect to see along the way.

Scaling Data ROI: Driving Analytics Adoption Within Your Organization

Tiffany Perkins-Munn
Tiffany Perkins-MunnManaging Director & Head of Data & Analytics, JPMorgan Chase
Laura Gent Felker
Laura Gent FelkerGTM Analytics Lead, MongoDB
Omar Khawaja
Omar KhawajaCDAO & Global Head of Data & Analytics, Givaudan

You've just invested in licenses for your favorite analytics tool, but now what? In this session, Laura Gent Felker, GTM Analytics Lead at MongoDB, Tiffany Perkins-Munn, Managing Director & Head of Data & Analytics at JPMC and Omar Khawaja, CDAO & Global Head Data & Analytics at Givaudan will explore best practices when it comes to scaling analytics adoption within the wider organization. They will discuss how to approach change management when it comes to driving analytics adoption, the role of data leaders in driving a culture change around analytics tooling, and a lot more.

Building a Learning Culture for Analytics Functions

Russell Johnson
Russell JohnsonChief Data Scientist, M&S
Denisse Groenendaal-Lopez
Denisse Groenendaal-LopezLearning & Development Business Partner, Booking Group
Mark Stern
Mark SternVP of Business Intelligence & Analytics, BetMGM

Creating a culture of continuous learning within analytics functions isn't just beneficial; it's essential. In the session, Russell Johnson, Chief Data Scientist at Marks & Spencer, Denisse Groenendaal-Lopez, Learning & Development Business Partner at Booking Group, and Mark Stern, VP of Business Intelligence & Analytics at BetMGM will address the importance of fostering a learning environment for driving success with analytics. They will provide insights on developing a culture where continuous learning, experimentation, and curiosity are the norms—and strategies leaders can adopt today to drive up excitement around analytics adoption & upskilling.

From Data Governance to Data Discoverability: Building Trust in Data Within Your Organization

Esther Munyi
Esther MunyiChief Data Officer, Sasfin
Amy Grace
Amy GraceDirector, Military Engines Digital Strategy, Pratt & Whitney
Stefaan Verhulst
Stefaan VerhulstChief Research & Development Officer, Director of Data Program, NYU Governance Lab
Malarvizhi Veerappan
Malarvizhi VeerappanProgram Manager & Senior Data Scientist, World Bank

Driving trust with data is essential to succeeding with analytics. However, time and time again, data quality remains an issue for most organizations today. In this session, Esther Munyi, Chief Data Officer at Sasfin, Amy Grace, Director, Military Engines Digital Strategy at Pratt & Whitney, Stefaan Verhulst, Chief Research & Development Officer, Director of Data Program at NYU Governance Lab, and Malarvizhi Veerappan, Program Manager and Senior Data Scientist at the World Bank will focus on strategies for improving data quality, fostering a culture of trust around data, and balancing robust governance with the need for accessible, high-quality data.

Closing words & AMA

Jonathan Cornelissen
Jonathan CornelissenCEO, DataCamp
Martijn Theuwissen
Martijn TheuwissenCOO, DataCamp

Join DataCamp CEO and COO Jonathan Cornelissen and Martijn Theuwissen for closing words to cap off the day. Followed by an "ask me anything" with both of them.

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