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Today we're covering all that was released during the month of March. From all new courses, to articles, cheat sheets, and DataChats. If you missed something, you'll find it here.
"Machine Learning with the Experts: School Budgets" is our latest course, taught by Peter Bull. It's a case study from a DrivenData machine learning competition on school budgets.
Today we're releasing episode 15 of DataChats. Here, Hugo interviews Andreas Müller about his work at Columbia University, and as a contributor to scikit-learn. Check it out!
New course on Network Analysis in Python (Part 1) by Eric Ma! Networks are everywhere, and knowing how to analyze this type of data will open up a new world of possibilities for you as a data scientist.
This PySpark cheat sheet with code samples covers the basics like initializing Spark in Python, loading data, sorting, and repartitioning.
Get introduced to the basics of correlation in R: learn more about correlation coefficients, correlation matrices, plotting correlations, etc.
Nick interviews Hank Roark, senior data scientist at Boeing, about his career, his course, and more.
an introduction to cleaning and editing data in R, including an introduction to understanding the structure of your data as well as visualizing your data