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The data.table R Package Cheat Sheet

Karlijn Willems,
July 14, 2021 min read
The data.table cheat sheet helps you master the syntax of this R package, and helps you to do data manipulations.

The data.table R package provides an enhanced version of data.frame that allows you to do blazing fast data manipulations. The data.table R package is being used in different fields such as finance and genomics and is especially useful for those of you that are working with large data sets (for example, 1GB to 100GB in RAM).

Although its typical syntax structure is not hard to master, it is unlike other things you might have seen in R. Hence the reason to create this cheat sheet. DataCamp’s data.table cheat sheet is a quick reference for doing data manipulations in R with the data.table R package and syntax

The cheat sheet will guide you from doing simple data manipulations using data.table’s basic i, j, by syntax, to chaining expressions, to using the famous set()-family.

(To practice using the data.table package, try the free first chapter of this course, which includes exercises in subsetting a data.table and manipulating data with data.table's by, .N, and j syntax. )

data.table R package tutorial cheat sheet