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PostgreSQL Certification: Everything You Need to Know

Navigate PostgreSQL certification with DataCamp. Gain expert skills, practical knowledge, and a pathway to data mastery.
Updated Feb 2024  · 10 min read

PostgreSQL is a powerful tool in the world of database management, and gaining certification is a move that many aspiring or current data professionals consider. This guide will outline the pathway to PostgreSQL certification, discussing its importance, what you'll learn, and how it can benefit your career. We'll also introduce how DataCamp's tailored courses provide an effective and engaging way to master PostgreSQL skills.

New to the subject? Start your journey in database mastery with DataCamp's Beginner's Introduction to PostgreSQL.

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What is PostgreSQL Certification?

PostgreSQL Certification validates expertise in using PostgreSQL, an advanced open-source database system. It ranges from beginner to advanced levels, testing skills in database design, administration, and maintenance. Recognized by employers, these certifications enhance professional credibility and job prospects. Preparation involves theoretical study and practical experience, with resources like DataCamp offering targeted courses for exam readiness.

PostgreSQL Certification

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Why Get PostgreSQL Certified?

Obtaining a PostgreSQL certification is worth considering for any professional looking to establish or advance their career in database management. This certification demonstrates your expertise and dedication to mastering the technology. Here are some reasons to pursue PostgreSQL certification:

  • Industry recognition: PostgreSQL certification can show your professional achievement. It signals to employers that you possess in-depth knowledge and practical skills in managing PostgreSQL databases. A qualified PostgreSQL Database Administrator could command a salary of around $120,000 per year.
  • Career advancement: Certified professionals often have a competitive edge in the job market. It can lead to better job opportunities, promotions, and the potential for higher salaries, as it demonstrates a commitment to professional development and expertise in a critical technology area.
  • Skill validation: The certification process rigorously tests your ability to design, administer, and maintain PostgreSQL databases. Passing these exams validates your skills and ensures you are up to date with the latest practices and technologies in database management.

What PostgreSQL Certifications Are Available? 

There are several different PostgreSQL certifications to choose from, depending on your level of expertise and what you hope to use it for. Below, we've outlined some of the main options: 

DataCamp SQL Associate Certification

Who It's For

The SQL Associate Certification from DataCamp is designed for those working in or aspiring to roles involving SQL, including those seeking to validate their PostgreSQL skills for professional applications. It's perfect for individuals keen on demonstrating their proficiency in SQL within a data-driven world.

Access Period and Exam Delivery

Learners have the flexibility to access the SQL Associate Certification exams on DataCamp's platform. The certification includes a timed theoretical exam and a practical exam, ensuring candidates can apply their SQL skills in practical, real-world scenarios. Both components are delivered online for convenience and accessibility. You will need to be able to calculate metrics to effectively report characteristics of data and relationships between features using PostgreSQL.


Candidates should have a solid foundation in SQL, including PostgreSQL, including writing queries, understanding table relationships, and working with data structures. 

To pass the practical exam, you'll need to be able to:

  • Perform data extraction, joining, and aggregation tasks
  • Perform cleaning tasks to prepare data for analysis
  • Assess data quality and perform validation tasks

DataCamp's SQL Fundamentals skill track is highly recommended to cover these prerequisites thoroughly, ensuring readiness for the certification exams.


The SQL Associate Certification is included for free as part of a DataCamp Premium subscription, starting from $12.42 per month.

EDB PostgreSQL 13 Associate Certification

PostgreSQL Certification Associate

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EDB’s PostgreSQL 13 Associate Certification shows your understanding of the fundamentals necessary to work with PostgreSQL servers. PostgreSQL is a relational database that is scalable across large organizations. 

Who It's For

Ideal for beginners in database management, the PostgreSQL 13 Associate Certification suits new learners, students, and professionals eager to establish a foundational knowledge in PostgreSQL. It marks the first step toward mastering database management with PostgreSQL.

Access Period and Exam Delivery

Candidates receive access to the online exam for a specified period post-registration, offering the flexibility to schedule the test at their convenience. The exam is conducted online, with all necessary details provided in advance for a seamless testing experience.


A basic understanding of database concepts and SQL is recommended. While no formal prerequisites are mandated, preparatory study, including introductory courses and practical exercises, is advised for success. DataCamp's SQL Fundamentals track is the ideal place to get started. 


$200, covering one attempt at the certification exam.

EDB PostgreSQL 13 Professional Certification

PostgreSQL 13 Professional Certification is designed to validate and certify a database professional's ability to manage and maintain Postgres servers and applications in a production environment. This certification is a testament to one's advanced knowledge and skills, positioning them as a credible and capable database expert.

PostgreSQL Certification Professional

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Who it's for

The EDB 13 Professional Certification is designed for seasoned PostgreSQL database professionals seeking to validate their advanced skills in enterprise database solutions. Ideal candidates include database administrators, consultants, and IT professionals with extensive experience in deploying, managing, and optimizing EDB PostgreSQL 13 environments. 

The certification consists of a multiple-choice, hour-long exam, focusing on advanced responsibilities and skills in PostgreSQL management. To pass, candidates must score 80% or above. Upon successful completion, candidates are awarded a personalized PDF certificate from EDB and a badge that can be displayed on professional platforms like LinkedIn, acknowledging their expertise.

Access Period and Exam Delivery

Candidates have the flexibility to take the exam anytime within six weeks of purchase, accommodating varied schedules and preparation times. Post-purchase, registration details and exam credentials are sent via email from within 24 hours for weekday purchases and 48 hours for weekend purchases. It's important to note that the purchase includes only the exam and not any preparatory courseware.


Before attempting this professional certification, candidates are required to have:

  • Associate-level certification, ensuring a foundational knowledge of PostgreSQL.
  • Completion of an Advanced PostgreSQL course, equipping them with the necessary skills to tackle the professional certification exam.


 $250, covering one attempt at the certification exam.

CertFirst Certified PostgreSQL DBA

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Who It's For

The CPSDBA certification is tailored for experienced database administrators, system administrators, and IT professionals who oversee the deployment and management of PostgreSQL databases. Ideal candidates have practical experience with PostgreSQL and seek to validate their expertise in database administration.

Access Period and Exam Delivery

After registration, candidates have a defined access period within which they must complete their exam, providing flexibility to accommodate their schedules. The CPSDBA exam is delivered online, with detailed instructions provided to ensure candidates can effectively prepare and access the exam platform.


Applicants for the CPSDBA certification should have a solid foundation in database administration principles and practical experience with PostgreSQL. Although specific prerequisites may vary, a comprehensive understanding of PostgreSQL's features and capabilities is essential for success.


$2,395 - $2,995 for a four-day course (online or in person) and on-demand training package. 

PostgreSQL Certifications Compared 

Below, we've compiled a table outlining the different options when it comes to PostgreSQL certification: 

FeatureDataCamp SQL Associate CertificationEDB PostgreSQL 13 Associate CertificationEDB PostgreSQL 13 Professional CertificationCertFirst Certified PostgreSQL DBA
Target AudienceProfessionals & individuals seeking to validate SQL skills, including PostgreSQL.Beginners in database management and those new to PostgreSQL.Seasoned PostgreSQL professionals looking for advanced certification.Experienced database administrators and IT professionals specializing in PostgreSQL.
Access Period & Exam DeliveryFlexible access on DataCamp's platform. Includes a timed theoretical exam and a practical exam, delivered online.Defined access period post-registration for an online exam.Flexible, within six weeks of purchase, online exam.Defined access period, online exam delivery.
PrerequisitesSolid foundation in SQL and PostgreSQL. Recommended: DataCamp's SQL Fundamentals skill track.Basic understanding of database concepts and SQL.Associate-level certification and completion of an Advanced PostgreSQL course.Solid foundation in database administration and practical PostgreSQL experience.
CostIncluded in DataCamp Premium subscription (from $12.42/month).$200 for one exam attempt.$250 for one exam attempt.$2,395 - $2,995 for a course and training package.
Skills TestedSQL query writing, data extraction, joining, aggregation, data cleaning, and quality assessment using PostgreSQL.Fundamentals necessary to work with PostgreSQL servers.Advanced PostgreSQL server and application management.Comprehensive PostgreSQL database administration.
Certification OutcomeValidates SQL skills ready for professional use, specifically with PostgreSQL.Shows understanding of PostgreSQL fundamentals.Certifies advanced knowledge and skills in managing PostgreSQL in production.Validates expertise in PostgreSQL database administration.

Preparing for PostgreSQL Certification with DataCamp

A DataCamp Premium subscription starts at $12.42 per month, giving you access to all of our content, including course certificates and access to our certification program. We also offer plenty of free resources to help you improve your PostgreSQL skills. Here are some of the reasons to prepare for PostgreSQL certification with DataCamp.

Tailored learning experience

DataCamp offers a tailored learning experience, allowing you to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. Unlike traditional certification that has a rigid structure and schedule, DataCamp's interactive courses are designed to fit around your life. Whether you're a beginner or looking to brush up on advanced topics, DataCamp has courses that cater to all levels of expertise.

Our PostgreSQL Cheat Sheet can help you prepare for certification

Interactive and hands-on learning

DataCamp courses emphasize hands-on learning, where you can write code, analyze data, and get instant feedback right in your browser. This interactive approach is proven to help you learn faster and retain more compared to traditional study methods. By applying what you learn in real-time, you're better prepared to handle practical database tasks and challenges.

Comprehensive curriculum

DataCamp doesn't just prepare you for a certification exam; it offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to teach you everything about PostgreSQL, from the basics to the most advanced topics. This includes courses like Creating PostgreSQL Databases, Functions for Manipulating Data in PostgreSQL, and more, ensuring a deep understanding that goes beyond what's typically covered in certification exams.

Continuous learning and skill and career tracks

DataCamp's platform is designed for continuous learning, offering courses that keep up with the latest in technology and data science. With skill tracks and career tracks, you can monitor your progress, identify areas for improvement, and continuously add relevant skills to your repertoire. In the ever-evolving field of data, this means your learning never stops, and you stay always ahead.

Recognition and credibility

Completing courses and tracks on DataCamp provides you with certificates that you can showcase on your LinkedIn profile and resume, similar to traditional certifications. These DataCamp certificates are recognized by industry professionals and can enhance your job prospects and professional credibility, just as traditional certifications do.

DataCamp's Role-Based Certifications

DataCamp also offers certifications in Python, SQL, and R, ideal for various industry roles, available for free with a DataCamp Premium subscription. Here's a brief overview of the certifications:

  • Data Scientist (Associate & Professional): Focuses on skills like data management, programming in Python or R, statistical experimentation, exploratory analysis, model development, and effective communication.
  • Data Analyst (Associate & Professional): Evaluates abilities in data management, exploratory analysis, data visualization, analytics fundamentals, and clear communication of insights.
  • Data Engineer (Associate): Assesses skills in efficient data management, programming for data infrastructure, and preliminary exploratory analysis.

Each certification is designed to test and validate essential industry-specific skills, aiding professionals in highlighting their expertise to employers.

Final Thoughts

As you consider the best route to mastering PostgreSQL and advancing your career in data management, remember that the journey is as important as the destination. Traditional certifications like PostgreSQL 13 Professional Certification certainly hold value, offering a structured way to validate your skills. Similarly, DataCamp offers several compelling alternatives with its flexible, interactive, and comprehensive learning environment tailored to modern learning needs.

As you embark on this journey, know that every step you take with DataCamp is an investment in your future. The skills you acquire will not just prepare you for an exam but will also equip you with the knowledge to tackle real-world data challenges confidently.

Don't wait to take your database skills to the next level. Start with DataCamp's PostgreSQL Summary Stats and Window Functions and build a solid foundation for a future in data and prepare for the SQL Associate certification today. 

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