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DataCamp Donates Q2 2022 Digest

The Q2 digest of the DataCamp Donates program is here! Check out how DataCamp Donates has been doing as they feature new additions into the program. New partners, new content, and new stories to expect!
Aug 2022  · 9 min read

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DataCamp Donates continues strong as it ends the second quarter of the year with partners both old and new. We welcome 25 new NGO’s into the program, along with 11 familiar ones who are more than ready to rekindle their own missions of spreading data literacy to their members. In total, we have onboarded 36 organizations - an all-time quarterly high for the DataCamp Donates program.

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Speaking of quarterly highs, in Q2 of 2022 alone, we have provided more licenses to people in need than in the entire first year of the DataCamp Donates program! This is thanks to our amazing partners.

Adunni DataAIESEC in Ghana Applied Math & Data Science Club FTU2CaritasCenter for Injury Prevention & Control (CIPC)
Centro Cultural Lily y Edilberto Montemayor SeguyDirect ReliefEnFocusFiuba Consulting ClubFundapi
Google Developer Student Clubs Bahria University  GDSC National School for Engineering at Tunis GDSC Lebanese University GDSC Victoria University Generation UK
Institute for Global Health at Pathcehck FoundationLaureates Science Innovation and Education CenterMLSA Sukkur IBA University NiyaQSIDE Institute 
RISTEK Fasilkom University of IndonesiaSakshiSkill LabSTEM Educational InstituteUniversity of the Philippines Statistical Society

Returning Partners: Taking Data Science Education to the Next Level

Beirut AICDPFor The Women FoundationGDSC DHA Suffa University  GDSC Helwan
MindersPowerCoders She Code Africa University of LagosSyrian Youth AssemblyZ.axis

At the end of Q2, we had 122 active partner organizations that utilized 32,000 licenses! This just goes to show that DataCamp Donates continues to grow and build a wider community for data literacy. Expanding out to different corners of  the world was not possible without their help, and so we would like to thank each and every partner for their own unique part in promulgating quality data science education to their learners. 

But that is not all! Our partnership with community-building organizations around the world doesn’t end in giving licenses. We also have had tremendous success in seeing success stories come into fruition with the use of these licenses. 

Partner Highlights - A Year To Look Forward To

RISTEK Fasilkom UI

Ristek Fasilkom UI is a student organization associated with the University of Indonesia, which has cultivated their students’ interest in science and technology since 1989. Over the years, they have developed a massive portfolio of projects as a result of their values to create impact through innovation and inclusion. Being our first ever student organization in Indonesia, we are more than excited to help the organization's students learn all about data science to prepare them for their future careers. 

I4G Blog Iamgeblog (6).jpg

Fiuba Consulting Club 

Fiuba Consulting Club is an organization run by students and recent graduates from Buenos Aires, Argentina, that aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice. They leverage the concept of consultancy to bring students closer to real world problems and encourage them to solve these problems interdisciplinarily and creatively. We are glad to partner with them and help add data science into these students' skill sets. Oh, and we are so glad to now be in Argentina through this partnership! 

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Skill Lab

From Nepal, Skill Lab aims to develop university students’ potential by either skilling, upskilling or reskilling them and reducing the academia-industry divide.  They develop their students’ skills by providing high-level hands-on training for different types job roles and integrating essential soft skills in the process. We are looking forward to more exciting stories from this partnership as we aim to help provide the necessary data skills for their members. 

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Empowering 12,000 young Africans with a life-changing DataCamp scholarship

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A big reason for Q2 2022 being our best quarter yet was the renewal of our most fruitful partnership with our friends at Ingressive For Good. I4G has taken the reins in ushering the new generation of data-centric Africans. By awarding DataCamp Donates scholarships to over 12,000 Africans, members from all around Africa gained access to DataCamp for free to start learning more about data science.  We are blown away by the passion that the I4G team and all their learners are bringing to this transformative initiative.  Read the full story here!

A laptop a day keeps the skill gap away - DataCamp Donates laptops to STEM Educational Institute

Although we look outward as we expand our growth in the program, we never forget our partners located in the countries where our offices are located - US, UK, and Belgium. The Social Impact team, together with other fellow DataCampers, volunteered their time to mentor learners in the STEM Educational Institute in New York with laptops that we donated to help these kids learn in DataCamp. Stay tuned for some more exciting news about this partnership! 

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Nathaniel Taylor-Leach, Social Impact Manager at DataCamp, together with Nikisha and Franz Alcindor, who received a donation of 20 laptops for Harlem teenagers participating in the STEM Educational Institute.

Who run the world? Girls teaching data science in Costa Rica!

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The members of Women in Data Science Costa Rica, with the use of DataCamp, have helped university and high school students equip the next generation of female data scientists with the proper teaching and tools for a data-driven future. With their help comes the hope of better employment opportunities for women in Costa Rica. Read up more on the article here! 

Chicago high school high-achievers learn data science for future fintech careers with Greenwood Project

Yomi A. from the Greenwood Project landed an internship in the financial services industry thanks to her experience learning on DataCamp. Greenwood Project is a nonprofit organization that aims to create career pathways for Black and Latinx students by partnering with companies to find equitable solutions for recruitment, retention, and advancement.  See what she has to say! 

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DataCamp Classrooms Expands Again into More High Schools 

DataCamp strives to maximize any opportunities to provide schools with the best data science education and a natural pathway to success.  In just over a year, more than 130 free DataCamp Classrooms have been provided to high school teachers in the US, UK, Belgium, and (most recently) Poland. 

DC_Poland_003 (1).png

Since the massive Ukrainian refugee crisis, Poland has received an influx of refugees as they seek asylum in their country. Uplifting these asylum seekers with the right skills and resources as they chart their own path for the future, especially for the young, is a great way to ensure the success that they need. We are always looking for ways to provide people with opportunities such as DataCamp Donates without the rising cost of education around the world. 

Become Your Community's Hero by Applying to DataCamp Donates Today 

If you are interested in joining the growing community of partners who all share the same stage of democratizing data skills for everyone, check out our DataCamp Donates page here. Nonprofits are eligible to receive 1 year of free access to DataCamp and empower their disadvantaged communities to compete, collaborate, and create in our data-driven world.

Apply now on behalf of an NGO at or contact us at so we can assist you with any questions that you may have. Your data science journey is just the beginning. See you there!

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