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Empowering 12,000 young Africans with a life-changing DataCamp scholarship

On April 13th, 2022, hundreds of hopeful and inspiring posts of young Africans took social media by storm. All those smiles are the result of their acceptance to the data science scholarship they had just received thanks to DataCamp Donates x Ingressive For Good partnership.
Jul 2022  · 4 min read

DataCamp and Ingressive For Good Partnership

On April 13th, 2022, hundreds of hopeful and inspiring posts of young Africans took social media by storm. All those smiles are the result of their acceptance to the data science scholarship they just received thanks to DataCamp Donates x Ingressive For Good partnership.

Ingressive For Good is one of the leading ed-tech nonprofit organizations in Africa that has the sole purpose to develop Africa socially and economically through investments in education. The organization was birthed by Maya Horgan Famodu. This young Nigerian and Minnesotan grew up extremely poor and realized that one of the few ways to get out of this poverty was to be lucky and get helped by a good person (or institution) that will take you out of this condition. She decided to be that person for all the Africans. 

Started in 2020, and having for an objective to give $1 million in scholarships, train 1 million Africans, and create 5,000 jobs through partnership, Ingressive For Good now has helped over 80,000 young Africans and has partnered with institutions such as Facebook, Coursera, and now, DataCamp.

2022 represents the second consecutive year DataCamp Donates and Ingressive For Good have been in partnership allowing more than 18,000 Africans to get access to data science education for free and change their future since the beginning of our collaboration. Indeed, six of the 10 fastest-growing countries in the world are located in Africa and the need for qualified tech experts is escalating. This year alone, more than 12,000 young Africans will now be able to access for free our comprehensive data science learning platform as well as our career services using only their browser and minimal internet and computer configuration. 

The people who come to us seek the transformation of their lives. Data science education is too costly and DataCamp's scholarship enables them to access it for free. A beneficiary, Paulina John did not have a job and struggled with self-doubt. Thanks to the DataCamp scholarship, she now has job options to pull from, offering her 3 times more than what she used to earn. She feels transformed.

Blessing AbengDirector of Communications at Ingressive For Good

Posts that warmed our hearts

posts of DataCamp scholarship

Going further

Inspired by the work of Ingressive For Good and the recipients of our scholarship, we wanted to do even more to support our partner's mission of bringing free quality education to as many Africans as possible. We were able to require the help of 6 incredible DataCampers to give Expert Talks to all scholars about the reality of what data science-related jobs look like and what they need to succeed. Most recently, we collaborated with Ingressive For Good to launch the 1000 Women in Data Scholarship, allowing 1000 women to receive free DataCamp access and special support from our partners.

We are proud to give access to invaluable opportunities to young Africans to grow their tech skills and get globally recognized as data experts so they can contribute to the development of their respective countries and Africa. We also would like to thank all the scholarship recipients for their drive to become pioneers of change in their communities and for inspiring us in return through their excitement.

We hope to continue democratizing access to data science education in disadvantaged regions through DataCamp Donates and our incredible partners. If you work or volunteer for an NGO, apply now to DataCamp Donates to receive free access to DataCamp and join our global community of partners.

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