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Q2 2023 DataCamp Donates Digest

DataCamp Donates provided over 20k scholarships to our nonprofit partners in Q2 2023. Learn how industrious disadvantaged learners turned these opportunities into life-changing professional achievements.
Jul 2023

One of our most impactful quarters ever

In Q2 2023, DataCamp Donates achieved a milestone in its mission to provide data science education to individuals with the greatest challenges accessing these resources.

In the first 3 years since inception, we have donated over 85,000 scholarships to disadvantaged individuals through our NGO partners in over 100 countries worldwide.

DataCamp Donates Partners reviewed individual applications and provided DataCamp scholarships to qualifying applicants. Applicants may be unemployed, refugees, victims of war or environmental disasters, affected by COVID-19, people with disabilities, those belonging to historically disadvantaged communities, students aged 16-26, and nonprofit research scientists working with health, environmental, and/or humanitarian aid data.

These DataCamp Donates Scholars were granted six-to-twelve months of unrestricted access to DataCamp's comprehensive curriculum, mobile app, certification, workspace, and other resources.

Let's uncover the figures that showcase DataCamp's contributions over the last 3 months.

Quantitative analysis

In Q2 2023, DataCamp donated over 20,000 scholarships across 46 partner organizations, making this the second-largest quarter ever for DataCamp Donates. So far, over 83% of these scholarships have been utilized by learners, and we look forward to the continued work with our partners to ensure all end up in the hands of disadvantaged learners.

Additionally, 12 partner organizations were rewarded additional scholarships for disadvantaged learners after achieving high adoption and engagement rates within the first six months.

In Q2 2023, 21 organizations are returning partners who have proven their commitment to DataCamp Donates and have qualified for another year of scholarships—a record for the most returning partners in a single quarter, which demonstrates our streamlined reapplication process for valued partners.

On the whole, DataCamp Donates Scholars in Q2 2023 came from some of the most economically disadvantaged localities in the world, where high inflation and unemployment rates follow political and climate instability. We were also delighted to see that, despite the huge influx of new learners in Africa (more on that below), our learners in Asia actually made up a larger chunk of DataCamp Donates engagement than they did in Q1 2023, gaining an extra 2.5 percentage points of the pie. We attribute this to our especially passionate partners in countries like Pakistan, Nepal, and the Philippines. Here is the full continental breakdown of DataCamp Donates engagement last quarter:

  • Africa: 64.3%
  • Asia: 19.8%
  • Europe: 7.1%
  • North America: 4.8%
  • Central/South America: 3.9%
  • Oceania: <0.1%

A goal for Q3 2023 is to reach more learners in the Western Hemisphere who are living in poverty, unemployed, and/or facing unique barriers to attaining the knowledge and careers of their dreams. Stay tuned to this space for some very exciting updates on that front!

Ingressive For Good

The majority of the Q2 2023 scholarships are distributed by one of our most valued returning partners, Ingressive For Good, whose talented administrators manage the single largest group on DataCamp by a wide margin. When applicants learned they had been selected to receive DataCamp Donates scholarships, happy messages poured in across social media thanking #dcdonates. We’re especially proud to power their #1000WomeninData initiative, a special batch of 1,000 scholarships reserved for African women looking to break into careers in data and AI. We see you and salute all of you!

If you are an I4G learner, make sure to watch the 2023 I4G / DataCamp Orientation Session featuring Nathaniel Taylor-Leach, Social Impact Manager at DataCamp.  

Qualitative data: Real people, real jobs

By the end of the quarter, DataCamp Donates had resulted in over 1,600 success stories from its learners. These take the form of verified full-time, part-time, and freelance jobs, internships, admission or scholarships for undergraduate/graduate schools, and other awards. Almost 400 of those success stories were added in Q2 2023 alone! Here are just a few recent success stories that warmed our employees’ hearts:

Are you a DataCamp Donates learner who has achieved professional success? Please let us know by filling out this form and we may feature you in a future post! We value your privacy and will not disclose any personal information without your express permission.

NGOs: Become a DataCamp Donates Partner today!

Thank you for reading this article about DataCamp's social impact work. If you work or volunteer for a non-profit organization, consider applying to DataCamp Donates for the Q3 2023 cohort. We work with small and medium-sized non-profits, grassroots organizations, and student societies. As long as your organization has a working website or a live webpage on an official school website, you can apply.

With DataCamp Donates, there's no need to purchase or install additional software, and our curriculum materials can be downloaded for offline access. Your organization will have access to over 410 courses, DataCamp for Mobile, premium DataCamp Workspace, DataCamp Certifications, exclusive webinars and competitions, and a trusted partner in DataCamp.

The application takes 15-45 minutes to complete. Apply by August 11, 2023 and give your community the opportunity to gain new skills and improve their lives.

Learn more about DataCamp Donates Partners

Interested in learning more about the program and the impact it’s having on people's lives? Check out this content from DataCamp and its Donates Partner organizations that was published in Q2 2023:

Learn about DC Donates Partner and Amazon Business 2022 Grant Recipient STEM Educational Institute

Our partner STEM Educational Institute is making some big waves. Amazon Business made a beautiful video about their data bootcamp for teens in the Bronx, NY where you can see the scholars talk about using DataCamp.

CEEW: Impacting Sustainable Development at Scale Using Data

CEEW is a nonprofit research organization that uses data to impact sustainable development in India and Southeast Asia. This partnership has helped CEEW to collect, clean, and analyze data more efficiently, leading to improved research outputs from their Sustainable Food Systems Team.

Women in Data: Excelling on Your Data Journey

We’re thrilled to once again renew our partnership with Women in Data, which provides a safe network for data professionals worldwide to learn, collaborate, and excel together. We hope women looking for work will join their local WiD chapter and get a free DataCamp Donates scholarship as part of their Path Forward program. This article also gives a look at the beautiful custom dashboard they created by integrating DataCamp’s API.

Omdena: How I Established Myself as a Machine Learning Researcher

Lukman Ismalia, A doctoral researcher specializing in Deep Learning Applications in Signal and Image processing (Medical Imaging-Neuroscience) from Nigeria, shares why his transformative experience with Omdena. He took part in projects ranging from Detecting the Violence Between Elders and Caregivers Using Computer Vision to Credit Scoring for Making Food Affordable to the Millions of Underserved in Africa. Alongside this, he gained confidence in approaching challenging problems through DataCamp courses as part of Omdena’s partnership with DataCamp Donates. Lukman was also selected for the Datasphere Fellowship Award by Datasphere Initiative.

Afriblocks & DataCamp Donates Renew Partnership to Empower Young African Freelancers with Scholarships

African freelancers are encouraged to apply for a DataCamp Donates scholarship with our partners at Afriblocks, who can also connect you to job opportunities. Over 600 individuals have already taken advantage of this opportunity, and more scholarships are available!

Code Kevudah: Empowering Women in Tech Through Data Science Education

This article from Code Kevudah features inspiring success stories from their community of Orthodox Jewish women who have transformed their lives and earning power after using their DataCamp Donates scholarships. The feedback from students has been overwhelmingly positive, indicating tremendous benefits from the partnership.

From Beginner to Confident: How the GirlLead x DataCamp Scholarship Program Transformed my Data Skills and Career Prospects

The GirlLead Talent Accelerator shares data about the resounding success 1,000 women across Africa achieved with DataCamp Donates. One of its scholars, Pauline Ekene, who said, “ I interviewed for a new role in another organization after I completed some courses on DataCamp. The skillsets I gained through this scholarship made me stand out, and I got selected for the role. Presently, I coordinate the sub-research team in my workplace, and these data skills have come in handy, making analysis faster, easier, and more interesting than it used to be.”

The DataCamp Donates Initiative for Data Science Zimbabwe

This eye-opening article from Data Science Zimbabwe charts the tenacious work of DataCamp Donates Partners who review individual applications, provide scholarships, and keep their learners motivated over the year. Fellow admins are encouraged to read about the unexpected challenges they face, and how to find solutions.

AI Assistance in the Powercoders DataTrack

Powercoders in Sweden describes why DataCamp’s new AI Assistant is a game-changer for their refugee learners.

Webinars for DataCamp Donates Learners

Kickstart Your Career with DataCamp Certification

Uncover everything learners need to know about achieving a Certification, which comes included with every DataCamp Donates Scholarship! This is the best way to rise to the top of any applicant pool for a data scientist, analyst, or engineer job.

Running Hackathons with DataCamp Workspace

Did you know premium Workspace is also included with every Donates and Classrooms scholarship? This powerful collaborative notebook is perfect for creating, running, and judging custom competitions because no installation and next-to-no set-up is required. Just invite the participants into your group, form teams, share copy links to your assignments and data sets, and go!

The Workspace team also published this handy tutorial if you want to get the highlights from the video, including links to three hackathon templates to get started!

Become a DataCamp Donates Partner

"Our mission at Women in Data is to increase diversity in data careers. DataCamp Donates plays an essential role in our education pillar, and we’re very grateful for this partnership." — Sadie St. Lawrence, Founder and CEO

Apply Now


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