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DataCamp for Mobile: Mobile Coding at Its Best

To help you learn more effectively, DataCamp has combined the convenience of mobile learning with a robust coding infrastructure.
Nov 2020  · 3 min read

Our mobile app has gotten a facelift!

DataCamp Mobile has a new and improved user experience. Instead of working through full length courses designed for a desktop computer, mobile learning is now structured around lessons—so you can see what you’ll learn at a glance. And even if you just have five minutes to spare, you’ll be able to measure how much progress you’ve made. This is a big step for learner motivation since you’ll be able to make progress with shorter units.

We’ve launched a bunch of new courses in SQL, R, and Python, including the complete tracks for Intro to SQL and Intro to R.

Run real code on your mobile device

Our mobile courses give you the full coding experience—they’re fully equivalent to our official courses. When you open the mobile app, you’ll access the full editor and we’ll spin up a server for you to run real code and see real results. You’re writing code on your phone for a fully interactive experience—this isn’t just multiple choice. With the assistance of a mobile-optimized code editor (including autocomplete), mobile learning has never been more effective.

Finally, an app that actually makes coding fun. —Navistonv

Seamless learning from anywhere

Modern learning requires flexibility and convenience, which our standalone mobile app provides in spades. With DataCamp for Mobile, we’re providing a holistic learning solution. All progress on DataCamp courses syncs seamlessly to your account. You can start a course on your desktop and pick up where you left off on our mobile app. It’s a truly mobile-friendly way to learn.

Now this is how things should be done! —pyggh

A fun way to keep your skills sharp

Practice makes perfect, and you’ll want to make a habit of exercising your new skills. That’s why we’ve gamified learning so it doesn’t feel like work. You’ll accumulate experience points and get real-time feedback. Challenge your friends or colleagues to see how many days you can extend your learning streak.

Excellent on-the-go practice. —Gray0417

Get started

Get started on mobile with our Data Scientist in Python, Data Scientist in R, and SQL Fundamentals tracks, with even more courses coming soon!



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