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You’re invited! Join us for Radar: The Analytics Edition

Join us for a full day of events sharing best practices from thought leaders in the analytics space
Jan 2024  · 4 min read

At DataCamp, our core mission has always been to empower individuals and organizations with the skills they need to thrive in a data-driven world. We believe that when people are equipped with the necessary tools and skills—data can be democratized to everyone within the organization.

As we look at the current landscape of data & AI, we believe we are at a tipping point in data democratization. Generative AI is enabling professionals across various sectors to leverage data in ways that were previously unimaginable. However with that democratization comes numerous questions for both individuals & organizations to navigate.

In light of this, we are thrilled to be hosting Radar: The Analytics Edition on March 21st, the first Radar conference of 2024, aimed at exploring how individuals and organizations can succeed with analytics in an AI-driven world.

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Join us for a star-studded agenda

When thinking about the agenda for Radar: The Analytics Edition—we wanted to bring in a host of diverse voices that can unpack how they view analytics evolving in the near future and how leaders and practitioners can take advantage of the current moment. Here’s what you can expect throughout the day:

  • Opening Session: A Tipping Point in Data Democratization: Jonathan Cornelissen, CEO at DataCamp, will delve into the significant moment we're experiencing in data democratization, driven by recent advancements in AI. He'll discuss how this shift is empowering both individuals and organizations to leverage analytics more effectively in an AI-enhanced world.
  • The Art of Data Storytelling: Driving Impact with Analytics: Brent Dykes, author of "Effective Data Storytelling" & Founder at AnalyticsHero, Lea Pica, author of "Present Beyond Measure" & Founder at Story-driven by Data, and Andy Cotgreave, co-author of "The Big Book of Dashboards" & Senior Data Evangelist at Tableau, will explore the transformative power of combining analytics with storytelling. They will demonstrate how crafting compelling narratives from data can make insights more accessible and impactful within any organization.
  • ChatGPT & Generative AI: Boon or Bane for Data Democratization?: Benn Stancil, Field CTO at ThoughtSpot and CTO at Mode, along with Libby Duane Adams, Founder & Chief Advocacy Officer at Alteryx, will examine the dual nature of Generative AI in the context of analytics and data democratization. They will discuss its potential to transform analytics workflows and democratize data work, while also considering the challenges and risks it introduces.
  • Scaling Data ROI: Driving Analytics Adoption Within Your Organization: Laura Gent Felker, GTM Analytics Lead at MongoDB, Tiffany Perkins-Munn, Managing Director & Head of Data & Analytics at JPMC, and Omar Khawaja, CDAO & Global Head Data & Analytics at Givaudan, will share effective strategies for expanding analytics adoption across organizations. They will focus on change management, the role of data leaders in fostering a culture shift, and best practices for maximizing the value of analytics tools.
  • Building a Learning Culture for Analytics Functions: Russell Johnson, Chief Data Scientist at Marks & Spencer, Denisse Groenendaal-Lopez, Learning & Development Business Partner at Booking Group, and Mark Stern, VP of Business Intelligence & Analytics at BetMGM, will address the critical importance of nurturing a culture of continuous learning within analytics teams. They will offer insights on how to create an environment that encourages ongoing education, experimentation, and curiosity to drive analytics success.
  • From Data Governance to Data Discoverability: Building Trust in Data Within Your Organization: Esther Munyi, Chief Data Officer at Sasfin, Amy Grace, Director, Military Engines Digital Strategy at Pratt & Whitney, Stefaan Verhulst, Chief Research & Development Officer & Director of Data Program at NYU Governance Lab, and Malarvizhi Veerappan, Program Manager and Senior Data Scientist at the World Bank, will discuss strategies for improving data quality and fostering an organizational culture that trusts data. They will highlight the importance of balancing stringent governance with the need for making high-quality data accessible and discoverable.
  • Closing Session & AMA: Jonathan Cornelissen, CEO, and Martijn Theuwissen, COO at DataCamp, will provide closing remarks, reflecting on the key takeaways from the conference. They will also host an "ask me anything" session, offering attendees the opportunity to engage directly with DataCamp's leadership and delve deeper into the topics discussed throughout the day.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Radar: The Analytics Edition is more than just another data conference, but a place to connect with like-minded individuals & organizations. Whether you're a data scientist, business leader, or just data-curious, Radar: The Analytics Edition offers something for everyone.

Join us in shaping the future of analytics. Register now for free and be part of Radar. We look forward to seeing you there!

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