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Meet Groups: your hub for collaborative data science learning

DataCamp Team,
August 2, 2021 min read
To help learners find or build a community of fellow data enthusiasts, we’re launching a new Groups experience.

To help learners find or build a community of fellow data enthusiasts, we’re launching a new Groups experience. Our goal is to connect learners with their peers on DataCamp and help them achieve their goals together while giving group creators powerful new tools to keep their groups engaged and progressing.

Meet fellow data enthusiasts from your organization

DataCamp is home to over 8,6M data science learners. Imagine that there are colleagues from your organization or university, who, just like you, use DataCamp to expand their data skills and work on projects and problems similar to yours. Now you can connect with them using Groups to support and motivate each other in your data journey. How? Simply verify your academic or work email and get access to all free Groups created by learners from your organization.

Extra push you needed to stay on track

Online learning can be challenging, and many of us often need an extra bit of motivation to keep a learning streak. If only there was someone to hold us accountable, right? With Groups you now have a space and tools to do so! You or your fellow members can create Assignments—time sensitive learning goals—to help you complete a course, a track, or earn a certain amount of daily XP.

Every completed chapter gets you closer to your learning goal—and closer to the top of the Leaderboard. It’s visible to all members of the group and rankings can be filtered by time period, earned XP, or number of completed courses. If everyone’s watching, are you sure you want to stay at the bottom of the leaderboard?

Track your learning progress as you go

The true joy of learning is to see the results of your hard work. Groups provide you with two simple, yet powerful tools to monitor your skill growth. The Dashboard gives you a snapshot of your group’s activity—from time spent on the platform to total units completed. The Skill Matrix allows you to look closely into individual progress, identify key skill gaps and create learning paths to close them in the most efficient way.

Groups are free for all DataCamp users. While you can invite an unlimited number of members, we recommend keeping it smaller (5-10) to ensure you have a more targeted overview of your group’s learning progress. Curious to see how it works? Join Groups today!

Advanced functionality for teams and organizations, big and small

Would you like to take your collaborative learning to the next level? Our business plans provide you with the more robust functionality to drive data science learning across teams and geographies.