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Kickstart Your Career with DataCamp Certification


This webinar is designed to provide scholarship recipients of DataCamp Donates and DataCamp Classrooms with essential insights on how to further their career prospects by obtaining DataCamp certifications.

We will focus on the importance of obtaining a DataCamp certification and how it can help individuals to improve their career prospects. We will showcase some success stories of DataCamp scholarship recipients who attained Certification and how it impacted their lives. Then we will delve into the various types of certifications available as a Data Analyst and a Data Scientist at both the Associate and Professional levels. Participants will learn about the prerequisites for certification, including the necessary courses and learning paths, and the format of the exams.

Furthermore, the webinar will provide tips and strategies for success on the certification exams, including how to prepare for the exams and what to expect on test day. Participants will also gain insight into how to leverage their certification to stand out in the job market and advance their careers.

Overall, the webinar aims to empower DataCamp scholarship recipients to take full advantage of their opportunities by earning valuable certifications that will enhance their knowledge and skills, and ultimately lead to better job prospects and career growth.

Key Takeaways:

  • How DataCamp Classrooms and Donates scholars can access Certification
  • Key strategies for studying and practicing for the Certification by leveraging your scholarship
  • Test-taking tips
  • Advertising your Certifications to make the best impression on potential employers

Link to Slides

Pieter Moors Headshot
Pieter Moors

Data Scientist at DataCamp

Nathaniel Taylor-Leach Headshot
Nathaniel Taylor-Leach

Social Impact Manager at DataCamp

Social Impact Manager, DataCamp
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