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The Ultimate List of Data Science Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

We’ve hand-picked the ultimate list of top data science podcasts for you to gain a deeper understanding of data science and analytics. Add them to your playlist now!
Nov 2021  · 8 min read

A great data science podcast is one that informs, entertains, and presents you with new ideas related to data science. The ethics of AI, tips on finding a data science job, how data is transforming all industries from finance to healthcare, and the latest ideas from data leaders are just a snippet of what’s out there. With so many on offer, it can be hard to know what to listen to first, so we’ve compiled this segmented list of our favorite data science podcasts. From podcasts that discuss a broad range of data science talking points to ones that focus on topics like visualization or how-to build a career in data science, these monologues and discussions will leave you better-informed in data science than you were before you hit the “play” button.

Table of Contents

  • General data-driven podcasts
  • Data science career advice podcasts
  • Data visualization podcasts
  • Data science ethics podcasts
  • Technology-specific data science podcasts
  • Applied-data-science podcasts
  • Fun data science podcasts

General data-driven podcasts

  1. Chai Time Data Science—Hosted by deep learning engineer Sanyam Bhutani, this data science podcast primarily features interviews with Kagglers, data science researchers, and other prominent data scientists.
  2. Data Science At Home—Hosted by Dr Francesco Gadelatta, the founder of Amethix Technologies, this data science podcast focuses on AI, machine learning, and algorithms.
  3. Data Futurology— ”People don’t want to guess. They want to hear from others who’ve tried and tested how to get it right.” Through this data science podcast, Data Futurology delivers hours of thought leadership and actionable insights.
  4. Data Science Now—Aiming to educate, the episodes of this podcast cover specific topics such as the history of data science, getting a data science job, and examples of its practical application.
  5. Data Science Salon—With speakers and attendees from prominent, well-known brands (think Warner Brothers, Google, Netflix, and IBM) Data Science Salon presents an eclectic, well-informed mix of thought leadership.
  6. Data Skeptic—With over 200 episodes, this is one of the best-known data science podcasts, covering a huge variety of topics and releasing episodes almost every week.
  7. DataFramed—DataCamp’s own in-house data science podcast, our data evangelist Adel Nehme discusses how organizations can build data cultures and scale their data literacy with professionals from companies such as Viacom and Allianz.
  8. DataHack Radio—Hosted by the popular blog Analytics Vidhya, each episode features a machine learning expert being interviewed in order to keep up with recent developments in the field.
  9. Gradient Dissent—This data science podcast features deep-learning experts discussing how they implement this at companies such as Facebook, Google, and Lyft.
  10. Harvard Data Science Review Podcast—This data science podcast approaches the practical applications of data science, with episodes being described as “case studies” into how data influences the modern world.
  11. More or Less: Behind the Stats—This BBC data science podcast focuses on statistics. Recent episodes have included the numbers behind Squid Game and interviews with the most recent Nobel Prize for Economics winners.
  12. O’Reilly Data Show Podcasts—This data science podcast has a focus on emerging data technologies.
  13. Practical AI—True to its name, this data science podcast describes itself as “keeping up with the latest advances of AI while keeping one foot in the real world”.
  14. The Data Engineering Podcast—Written and hosted by a data engineer, this data science podcast gets into the technicalities of data management.
  15. The Data Exchange—Hosted by Ben Lorica, the chair of the NLP Summit and the O’Reilly Data Show’s founder, the weekly episodes of this data science podcast focus on machine learning and AI.
  16. The TWIML AI Podcast—Standing for “This week in machine learning”, this data science podcast brings together some of the leading experts in AI and machine learning.
  17. Towards Data Science—Sponsored by the popular Medium blog, TDS discusses a wide variety of artificial intelligence topics, from AI governance to AI research.

Data science career advice podcasts

  1. Becoming a Data Scientist—As the name suggests, this data science podcast focuses on Renee Teate’s data science career journey and the challenges he faced along the way.
  2. Data Cast—Interviewing prominent data scientists, each episode focuses on the career lessons each learned before they landed their current data science job.
  3. DataXpresso—This data science podcast describes itself as being for data professionals who want to build their careers around data analytics and technology.
  4. Not so Standard Deviations—Roger Peng and Hillary Weaver spend each episode discussing data science news and relating it to their own experiences of working with data.
  5. The Artists of Data Science—Describing itself as “the ONLY self-development podcast for data scientists”, ADS delivers a mix of professional and personal development episodes on top of discussions about the latest developments in the field.
  6. The Data Life—This data science podcast covers all the aspects of data science jobs, from the technicalities to the soft-skill aspects of working in this field.
  7. Women in Data Science—Hosted exclusively by female data scientists, many of this data science podcast’s episodes focus heavily on how women can succeed at careers in the field and what lessons the guests learned on their journeys.

Data visualization podcasts

  1. Data Viz Today—Hosted by a former Pentagon analyst, this is a data science podcast that focuses on the end-stage: bringing your datasets to life through charts.
  2. The Policy Viz Podcast—Founded by an economist who had felt modern education was not adequately teaching people how to communicate their research findings, this podcast brings in a mix of researchers and designers to discuss the different ways of doing this—chief among them is data visualization.

Data science ethics podcasts

  1. Data Science Ethics—This data science podcast focuses on all the ethical considerations we must remember when applying data, from amoral data gathering to the unintended consequences of improperly trained algorithms.

Technology-specific data science podcasts

  1. Python Bytes—This data science podcast has a focus on keeping its viewers up to date with the latest developments in Python.
  2. Talk Python to Me—Created by the same people as Python Bytes, this podcast has a similar focus on Python though each episode is geared towards interviews with industry experts.
  3. The R-Podcast—With a focus on R, this podcast uses publicly available datasets to demonstrate to a novice audience what the programming language is capable of.

Applied-data-science podcasts

In this section, we bring you some podcasts that focus on fields such as healthcare, but due to the widespread adoption of data science in these sectors have a few episodes that discuss this.

  1. Adversarial Learning—"This is our podcast about data, data science, science, Shingy, and whatever else we feel like talking about. Please listen to it.”
  2. Causal Inference—Sponsored by the American Journal of Epidemiology, this podcast also discusses statistics, causal inference, and public health. This makes it a good resource for anyone looking to apply their data science skills to this particular field.
  3. Cyentia—Hosted by the Cyentia Research Institute, this firm specializes in cybersecurity and uses their podcast to deliver their research, often featuring data analytics.

Fun data science podcasts

  1. Data Crunch—With a bombastic approach to data analytics (“trudging through the data swamp”, “getting on the insight train”) this tech consultancy firm delivers a data science podcast that has just as wild an approach.
  2. Digital Analytics Power Hour—Hosted by three data scientists, this data science podcast has an edgier image than many of the entries on this list, described as the brainchild of a post-conference bar conversation and with each host described by their job title, location, and drink of choice.
  3. Learning Machines 101—Terminator references aplenty, this data science podcast aims to demystify artificial intelligence to a general audience.
  4. The Banana Data Podcast—With the tagline “Humanize your data”, this data science podcast sticks to the theme of making data science accessible to all, with titles such as “In English Please” and “The Messiness of Data”.
  5. The Present Beyond Measure Show—Hosted by analytics professional Lea Pica, this data science podcast describes itself as focusing on the intersection between data analytics, visualization, and storytelling. There’s no shortage of panache on show here, with the host describing himself as “your slide Sherpa, your Viz Vizier”.

Looking for somewhere to start? DataCamp’s podcast, DataFramed, is available to listen to on Spotify, Apple, and Google Podcasts.



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