Episode 66

The Path to Building Data Cultures (with Sudaman Thoppan Mohanchandralal)

July 12th, 2021

In this episode of DataFramed, Adel speaks with Sudaman Thoppan Mohanchandralal, Regional Chief Data, and Analytics Officer at Allianz Benelux on the importance of building data cultures, and his experiences operationalizing data culture transformation programs.

About Sudaman Thoppan Mohanchandralal

Sudaman Thoppan Mohanchandralal is the Regional Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Allianz Benelux. Steered directly by the regional CEO with his team, he has deployed many insurance-leading AI solutions securing and enriching the competitive advantage for their business. He holds two masters in Computer Science & Business Administration, with a super specialization in Business Analytics and Intelligence. He is a data scientist and technologist, and is interested in translating complex ideas into actions, and carries the view that the future is one of ubiquitous AI. He’s experienced in bridging business initiatives with technology and human expertise, and fitting AI into organizations of today to transform them into organizations of tomorrow. He is also a doctoral student, following his PhD trajectory in the field of Artificial General Intelligence. His research interest is in encoding expertise in active self-learning machines.