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DataCamp R Certifications - Now Available on Your LinkedIn Profile

May 18th, 2015 in R Programming

You can now quickly and easily integrate your course completion certificates with your LinkedIn profile. Showcase any completed DataCamp course on your profile, including our free Introduction to R tutorial.datacamp_linkedinShare with managers, recruiters and potential clients the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired at DataCamp. In just a few clicks, you can show off your R and data science skills to your entire professional network. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Select "My Accomplishments" in the top-right corner, and click add to LinkedIn profile. Screenshot 2015-05-18 11.06.48
  2. You will go automagically to your LinkedIn profile, where you just have to click "Add to Profile".Screenshot 2015-05-18 11.08.15
  3. Scroll down to Certifications, and there it is! Your personalized certification. Screenshot 2015-05-18 11.09.39


I was able to intert it manually, but it would be good to have DataCAmp instructions on how to fill in 'Certificate name', 'License number', 'periods'
06/29/17 2:58 PM |
ya , it worked :D; another cool stuff on the certificates will be cool if they signed the pdf's
06/23/17 5:46 PM |
yeah it worked, i just have a doubt about the license number
06/21/17 1:10 AM |
hi asked through FB and they answered, also asked for them to oficial answer here or somewhere , whatn i got is:
" Please be informed that LinkedIn has disabled automatically adding certificates to your LinkedIn profile for all sites, unfortunately, you will have to manually fill in the details on the form. To add your statement of accomplishment, copy the URL for the DataCamp statement of accomplishment and add it to the LinkedIn certificate form. "

didn't tryed yet , when someon does, plz confirm , hope it helps =)
06/08/17 2:35 AM |
Same here :(
06/07/17 8:50 PM |