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16 Articles on Building a Data Science Team

We're sharing some of our favorite articles about how to build a better data science team!
Aug 2016  · 3 min read

Are you trying to build a data science or analytics team in your organization, but not sure where to start? We compiled a list of some of our favorite articles and resources on the topic. Here you’ll find advice on hiring, resource allocation, team structure and responsibilities. You’ll also get tips on strengthening and scaling your current data science team. Here’s 16 articles to get you started.

  1. So you want to build a data science team? - VentureBeat
  2.  - Booz Allen Hamilton
  3. Three Essential Components of a Successful Data Science Team - KDNuggets
  4. Building Data Science Teams - DJ Patil (O’Reilly)
  5. 9 Tips for Building Data Science Teams - Georgian Partners
  6. Doing Data Science Right - FirstRound
  7. Don’t look for unicorns, build a data science team - CIO
  8. 5 Tips for Building a Great Data Science Team - Forbes
  9. Building a Data Science Team - A Moneyball Approach - Vijay Bhat
  10. How To Win The Hiring War for Data Scientists - FastCompany
  11. How to Consistently Hire Remarkable Data Scientists - FirstRound
  12. Using R packages and education to scale Data Science at Airbnb - Ricardo Bion (Data Science @Airbnb)
  13. 3 changes that will strengthen your data science team - VentureBeat
  14. The Data Science Industry: Who Does What (Infographic)DataCamp
  15. Seven traits of successful Data Science teams - Teradata
  16. 4 Online Data Science Options for Your Team - KDNuggets

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