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New Open Course: Statistical Inference with swirl

In "Statistical Inference with swirl", you'll learn about probability, expected values, and variance, and practice confidence intervals, power and sampling techniques and more!
Jul 2016  · 2 min read

New Free Course: Statistical Inference with swirl

The DataCamp team is excited to announce another course using swirl. This free course adapts the Statistical Inference curriculum from swirl to the interactive DataCamp in-browser interface. Log-on and get started

This course begins with an introduction to probability, then moves on to expected values and variance. Exercises on confidence intervals highlight statistical testing procedures and exercises on power and sampling techniques finish off the course. This course is a unique opportunity to learn conceptual building blocks of data science while utilizing the interactive in-browser interface and the R syntax. Together with the team behind swirl, we want to make it fun and easy to learn R programming and data science.

DataCamp and Swirl Statistical Inference Course

The tutorial will show you how to:

  • Use theories of probability to solve problems.
  • Identify expected values and calculate variance.
  • Understand and execute statistical tests like a t-test and other hypothesis tests.
  • Calculate statistical power and approach sampling to control variance.

Get started today and sharpen your stats skills! Want to see other topics covered as well? Just let us know on Twitter.

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