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Instruction is only part of what DataCamp does. Our active learning approach drives maximum engagement and results.

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Learn through interactive content

Course videos are all supported by interactive-in-browser exercises that allow your team to apply their new skills while being guided by expert instructors and contextualized course notes. This learning approach builds confidence by applying new knowledge and skills immediately.

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Apply knowledge on real-world projects

Allow your team to apply their coding skills to a wide range of datasets to solve real-world problems in their browser.


Identify your team’s skill gaps

Use adaptive skill assessments to pinpoint your company's and employees’ strengths and weaknesses. Save time by focusing only on the skills your employees need most, and build learning around ongoing assessment outcomes.


Reinforce new skills with daily practice challenges

Daily bite-sized practice challenges help your team achieve mastery through spaced repetition. Choose from guided and unguided practice, based on their comfort level.

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“If we compare other providers to DataCamp, they are polar opposites. Most learning providers are video-based, and lack that crucial interactivity needed to learn data skills. So for us, choosing DataCamp was a no-brainer.”

Scott Worland, Service Delivery Manager, Just IT
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What is active learning?

Active learning involves learners actively engaging in the material they’re studying through exercises, problem solving, or applying information in modules to real-world examples. It requires the learner to actively apply their newly-acquired knowledge rather than passively reading or watching videos or lectures.

How does active learning help to build data skills?

Active learning helps build skills faster and more confidently because it’s activities engage learners in deeper learning and allows them to apply and transfer their knowledge more effectively. It also promotes higher order thinking skills such as analysis.

What are the benefits of active learning?

Active learning has been shown to engage learners more with the course material, build confidence in applying new knowledge and skills, and promote higher learning retention. According to Dale’s Cone of Experience, ‘learning by doing’ or active learning helps learners to retain at least 90% of the learning materials within a course. It also increases both engagement and learners’ motivation to learn through more active participation.

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