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Better data and AI skills can help you to scale your technology business faster and make the right decisions to maximize ROI. Let DataCamp guide you through the process of upskilling your entire team and building a data-positive culture.

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Upskill your entire company

Tech companies need more than just a single department with data skills - you need every department to be able to collect, read, and interpret the data that you gather. DataCamp Unlimited allows you to upskill your entire company without the restrictions of a seat-based program - just choose from 2 simple plans and scale up according to your needs. 

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  • HR team: Help your team attract and grow your talent pool by giving them the right tools and skills for data-driven decision making.
  • Engineering teams: Make sure your Engineering teams can estimate and measure the value of their work to deliver maximum value.
  • IT Ops team: Provide your team with access to the right tech stack, knowledge, and processes.
  • Data Science team: Train your team on the latest data visualization practices, emerging technology, and how to best communicate their insights to the rest of the company.
  • Interns and Entry Level joiners: Help your newest team members get up to speed and start their data journey.
  • Leadership and Exec: Empower your leadership team to effect real cultural change and provide strategic direction based on high quality insights.

Get more value from your tech stack

Investing in the right tech stack is only part of the solution - you also need to invest in the right skills to make the most of it. Our extensive curriculum includes ChatGPT, Tableau, and Power BI as well as established and emerging coding languages to provide all the training you need for your current set up.

Build a data academy

If you want to go beyond simple data and AI training, we can help you build a Data Academy that responds to your business’ needs and creates a strong data-positive culture. You can build data skills for everybody while promoting quality data processes and practices.


Invest in skills to retain your teams

Strong learning cultures don’t just improve productivity and ROI - they improve retention too. Research shows that companies that invest in training increase retention rates by 30-50% thanks to better employee engagement and career opportunities. Find out how your customer success team can help you build a strong learning program and culture.

Apply data skills to new challenges

Use an AI-powered, cloud-based IDE to give your team the chance to practice their skills in a safe, sandbox environment. This in-browser experience offers templates and projects to test out their new knowledge, as well as collaboration options for teams further along their learning journey.


See our data curriculum

Work with our data training experts to build a bespoke learning track for your team, or choose from our 50+ learning tracks and 390+ interactive courses.

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Importing & Cleaning Data with Python
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Data Manipulation with Python
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Introduction to ChatGPT
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Exploratory Data Analysis in Python
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Unsupervised Learning in Python
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“If we compare other providers to DataCamp, they are polar opposites. Most learning providers are video-based, and lack that crucial interactivity needed to learn data skills. So for us, choosing DataCamp was a no brainer.”

Scott Worland, Service Delivery Manager
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