Empower your team with industry data certifications

Looking to boost confidence and increase productivity? Certify your team with an industry-recognized, professional data certification from DataCamp.

  • Trusted credentials: certification from the industry leader in data science education
  • Industry recognized: built in partnership with industry leaders based on the latest industry demands
  • Personalized grading: practical exams focus on real-world problems and are graded by real humans
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Rated #1 data analytics certification by Forbes

Discover our certifications

Associate certification is best for those just starting out and aligns with entry-level job expectations. Professional certification is the next step up and aligns to skill level expected at 2+ years of experience.

Data scientist

A data scientist is a professional responsible for collecting, analyzing and interpreting extremely large amounts of data. Associate and professional certifications are available.

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Data analyst

A data analyst sits between business intelligence and data science. They provide vital information to business stakeholders. Associate and professional certifications are available.

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Data engineer

A data engineer collects, stores, and pre-processes data for easy access and use within an organization. Associate certification is available.

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“The DataCamp Certification process was rigorous and really helped me hone my skills and identify gaps in my knowledge. The recognition I received upon completing the certification makes me feel good about what I achieved and helped me in my role as an Analyst.”

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How certification can help your business

  • Support professional development
  • Build confidence in data skills
  • Confirm skill levels are at industry benchmarks

Helping employees make an internal move boosts retention

According to the LinkedIn 2023 Workplace Learning Report, the no.1 way organizations are working to improve retention is by "providing learning opportunities." Read →

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Custom Certification

Ensure your teams have the skills they need to succeed in your business

Custom Certifications build on our industry-recognized professional certification programs, but tailors the content for your team and business needs.


Is certification included in my DataCamp business plan?

Yes, DataCamp Certification is included in your business plan. This may be subject to change.

Why should I offer certification to my employees?

Allowing your employees to gain a professional certification is a great way to support their personal career development while also bringing formally recognized data best practices into your organization.

How long will it take to get certified?

The exam process itself takes an average of 6-8 hours. However, this doesn’t include preparation for the exams which is done at each individual’s own pace.

Is preparation material included in my business plan?

Yes, all recommended course and project material is included, as well as study guides and skill assessments.

How do I get started?

If certification is enabled for your group, learners can select the “get started” button to begin their certification journey. If your organization does not have this option, please select the “register your interest” button. The DataCamp team will then collate this information, ready to be shared with your account admin to help them decide whether they would like to activate certification for your group.

How Are DataCamp Certifications Developed?

We have a technical manual that explains the process of creating our certifications and provides evidence with respect to their validity, reliability, and fairness. Take a look at the manual.

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