Hands-on data and AI training for your healthcare team

Grow your team’s data and AI skills and enhance their ability to provide high-quality patient care and improve health outcomes.

  • Gain insights to support evidence-based decision making
  • Explore tools and techniques to analyze and interpret large medical data sets
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Build data skills to improve diagnosis, treatment, and patient management

Help your team work with consumer, patient, and clinical data for improved patient outcomes. DataCamp has 70+ hours of healthcare-specific courses and projects to help healthcare professionals improve their data skills.

Build a Data Academy

Data analysis: performing statistical analysis and interpreting data to identify patterns, correlations, and trends that may impact patient health.

Data visualization: presenting and communicating data effectively through charts and other visual aids to support decision-making.

Machine learning: understanding how to use machine learning algorithms to analyze patient data and make predictions about health outcomes.

Data privacy and security: ensuring that patient privacy and data protection standards are up to date and meet best practices for guarding sensitive information.

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Explore tools and techniques for medical data analysis

Empower your team with data education across the full range of tools and techniques. Starting from basic data literacy, through to specialized skill building, our curriculum covers Python, R, SQL, Power BI, Tableau, chatGPT and more.

Get hands-on experience with data software and technology

Prepare your team for real-world data sets by building their skills and confidence. Our active learning approach allows each learner to put their new skills into practice through hands-on exercises within each course and track. We also offer a sandbox environment called Workspace where your team can practice and collaborate in real time.

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Create a data and AI training program that fits your needs

Simple and bespoke can still go hand-in-hand. Our Unlimited program allows you to choose from a simple package that covers your entire team. You’ll benefit from lower admin requirements but still get the same level of support and bespoke learning options.

DataCamp is a leader in data & AI upskilling

See our healthcare data curriculum

Work with our out-of-the-box curriculum, or speak to our experts to build learning tracks that specifically respond to your needs. Here are just some of our projects that focus on applications in healthcare.

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Health Survey Data Analysis of BMI
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Partnering to Protect You from Peril
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Give Life: Predict Blood Donations
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Clustering Heart Disease Patient Data
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What Your Heart Rate is Telling You
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Introduction to Data Privacy
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How data science is transforming healthcare

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