Create a secure, uninterrupted, and curated learning journey by integrating with Datacamp

Whether it be SSO login, content catalog management, or user reporting, our integrations simplify life for the learner and program manager—creating a centralized experience that enhances learning reach, effectiveness, and measurement.

  • Single-Sign On (SSO)
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Learning Experience Platform (LXP)
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Secure single sign-on (SSO)

Regardless of your identity provider (IdP), learners can seamlessly sign in using their existing SSO provider. Our self-service integration is easily configured using the industry standard SAML 2.0 protocol.

Add DataCamp’s catalog to your LMS or LXP

Centralize your learning activity data by adding Datacamp’s skills training to your LMS. Integrations are available from leading learning providers—including Degreed, Cornerstone OnDemand, SAP SuccessFactors, EdCast, SABA, and Microsoft Viva Learning. With multiple integrations also in development, get in touch if your LMS is not listed as we’re likely working on its release.


Increase engagement by integrating Datacamp content in MS Teams

Elevate your learning with the New DataCamp App on Microsoft Teams! Enjoy weekly leaderboards, instant updates on new content releases, personalized learning support, and total control over notifications.

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“The integration with our LXP was very quick and easy. The Datacamp team has helped our IT team the whole time”

Silvana Tevez, Solution Architect, Banco Galicia
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How integrations simplified seat allocation and improved adoption for our customers

Boost engagement and adoption


DataCamp’s SSO integration allowed WGU to automatically allocate licenses to students just in time when they started learning.

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DataCamp for Business provided Colgate with essential single sign-on and Degreed LMS integrations, enabling Colgate to effectively assign learning paths, track program success metrics, and ensure security compliance.


Drax partnered with DataCamp for Business to upskill their core data team and adjacent departments, utilizing DataCamp’s SSO integration and working closely with their Customer Success Team to ensure a smooth platform rollout.


How can I request an integration?

In order to set up SSO, you must have a DataCamp Enterprise plan and be an admin of your organization. Feature and pricing information on upgrading to a DataCamp Enterprise plan can be found here.

At this time, DataCamp only supports SAML 2.0 integration. To set up SSO, you must have a SAML Identity Provider (IdP) configured. The IdP is the directory or database that contains the user and organization accounts.You can read more about setting up SSO in our Help Centre article.

What plan is required to integrate with an LMS/LXP?

All customers on an Enterprise plan have access to LMS/LXP integrations. Should you be interested in integrating with your LMS/LXP, please get in touch with your Customer Support Manager or our support team via our support portal.

Do I need to code to setup these integrations?

Not usually. Datacamp will manage the integration all the way until the data reaches your LMS/LXP provider. In some cases, some data transformation is needed on the LMS/LXP side in order to complete the integration.

Which LMS/LXP providers do you support?

We’ve built integrations before for Degreed, Cornerstone, Viva Learning, 360Learning, SAP SuccessFactors, SABA, LearningPool and many others. We also provide access to file exports and an API if you would like to build the integration yourself. Please see our LMS portal here for more information.

What if my LMS/LXP provider is not on the list?

Datacamp is always developing new integrations and will very likely be able to build something bespoke for your use case. Please get in touch with your Customer Support Manager or our support team via our support portal.

Does DataCamp integrate with Microsoft Teams?

Yes we do! You can read more about it in our Microsoft Teams article.

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