Data and AI training and recruitment for government organizations

Improve data and AI literacy and skills within your department to accelerate decision making and build truly evidence-based policies. DataCamp can support you in learning, teaching, applying, and hiring for data skills across your organization.

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DataCamp can accelerate your organization and work towards the US Federal Data Strategy


Build departmental benchmarks

No matter where your team is in their data journey, skills assessments will provide you with an understanding of your department’s needs and allow you to create benchmarks for your data and AI literacy or skills programs. Our experts will help you build a clear pathway from where you are to where you need to be, and support you in reviewing ROI along the way.

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Grow data and AI literacy in your department

Build data and AI literacy within your department using out of the box courses and tracks, or custom solutions based around your specific needs. Personalized learning journeys will help your team upskill faster, and active learning approaches build confidence as well as knowledge at every step.


Apply data skills to new challenges

Use an AI-powered, cloud-based IDE to give your team the chance to practice their skills in a safe, sandbox environment. This in-browser experience offers templates and projects to test out their new knowledge, as well as collaboration options for teams further along their learning journey. 

Hire data scientists and analysts

Simplify your hiring process and scale up your data teams with a trusted partner. Our Recruit product helps you to find high quality data talent with proven expertise and high quality certification - whether you need to hire for a single role or entire department. 

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