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Give your team the tools to apply their data skills

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From learning to doing data science

Empower your team to practice their skills and apply their learnings using a collaborative, fully-configured, cloud-based environment. Workspace eliminates the need for team members to set up their own environments and ensures that everyone has access to the same tools and technologies. 

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A safe sandbox environment

Workspace is safe sandbox environment that is compliant with your data governance policies. Block the ability to upload data and ensure your team works only with pre-approved datasets. Manage access on a granular level and keep information secure with SSO.

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Support learning in multiple ways

Complement the learning experience with live training sessions covering datasets and concepts that are relevant to your organization. The presenter distributes a link and everyone can code along in their own copy. Challenge your team to apply their newly acquired skills in scenarios that they will encounter on the job. 

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Enterprise-level compliance

DataCamp is dedicated to implementing data protection practices that ensure the security of your data. For information on DataCamp’s security policies, measures and safeguards, visit DataCamp's Information Security Overview page. 

Explore projects that are built with Workspace

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Improving a company's collaboration

An analysis of six months of information exchange between employees and departments within a company.

Melbourne's market and energy storage: are they worthwhile investments?

An analysis for an energy company planning expansion and exploring a potential energy storage venture.

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What can I use Workspace for?

Workspace is a collaborative data science notebook that gives your team a chance to practice and apply their data science skills in a product-ready environment. You can use it as a safe sandbox for data science experiments, to power live data science training sessions, and to test your team’s skills with real-world data exercises using your own or pre-made datasets.

Is Workspace an IDE?

Yes, Workspace is a complete integrated development environment (IDE), that allows you to write, run, and share your data science code online without installing any software. Workspace does even more by supporting real-time collaboration and providing ready-to-use datasets and templates.

What programming languages does Workspace support?

Workspace supports Python, R, and native SQL integrations so you can query SQL databases. It offers the same functionality you’d expect from a Python or R IDE.

Should I choose Workspace or Jupyter Notebooks?

Workspace is similar to and compatible with Jupyter notebooks, but offers additional functionality: you can collaborate with colleagues in real time, you can easily connect to databases and services with integrations, and you can add charts without writing any code.

Why should my organization use a sandbox for data science?

A data science sandbox allows your team to practice their new data skills in a safe environment, without having to download or install any new software. This offers a vital next step after initial data science training to grow confidence and fluency in a context that is relevant to your organization.

Can Workspace support my organization's needs for a controlled learning environment?

Yes, Workspace can be run in Restricted Mode to support your organization's need for a more controlled environment including safeguards such as allowing group members to only create private workspaces and exclusively collaborate with people within the group. In addition, members will be restricted from uploading or downloading data and accessing remote servers. For more information about these safeguards, visit the documentation.

How can Workspace help me as an educator?

DataCamp is free for educators and students. To learn more, visit the DataCamp for Universities page.

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