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Data Science Cheat Sheets

Download quick points of reference from our cheat sheets blog. There's everything from advanced NLP in Python & the Bokeh library to data.table in R & more.
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Power BI

Power BI Cheat Sheet

In this Power BI Cheat Sheet, you'll get the download on creating your first visualization, top visualizations in Power BI, using DAX, and more.

Richie Cotton

April 14, 2022


SciPy Cheat Sheet: Linear Algebra in Python

This Python cheat sheet is a handy reference with code samples for doing linear algebra with SciPy and interacting with NumPy.
Karlijn Willems's photo

Karlijn Willems

July 24, 2021

R Programming

xts Cheat Sheet: Time Series in R

Get started on time series in R with this xts cheat sheet, with code examples.
Karlijn Willems's photo

Karlijn Willems

July 14, 2021


Python Data Visualization: Bokeh Cheat Sheet

A handy cheat sheet for interactive plotting and statistical charts with Bokeh.
Karlijn Willems's photo

Karlijn Willems

July 13, 2021