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data journalism

How the #MeToo Movement Spread on Twitter

What can data science tell us about tweets with the #MeToo hashtag?
learning data science

A Data Scientist's Guide to Environment Variables

As a data scientist, you might have to configure environment variables for data science projects locally or globally, on a platform. This guide will show you all you need to know!
r programming

New R Course: Introduction to the Tidyverse!

This course is an introduction to the R programming language, focused on the Tidyverse!

The Case For Python in Scientific Computing

Discover the scope of Python for research, why scientists should use Python for scientific computing and how the Python community can effectively aid scientific research.

Live Coding Recap: Frequencies of Words in Novels

Recap of DataCamp's first live coding session. Here you will find all the resources needed to recreate Hugo's data science pipeline to plot word frequency distribution in novels!

DataCamp Live Coding: Frequencies of Words in Novels

A Data Science pipeline Live Coding session on Facebook by DataCamp’s very own Hugo Bowne-Anderson.
r programming

New R Course: Working with Web Data in R!

Most of the useful data in the world, from economic data to news content to geographic information, lives somewhere on the internet - and this course will teach you how to access it. You'll explore how to work with APIs & more!

Introducing DataChats on DataCamp

Discover the newest addition to your DataCamp subscription!