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We reached out to several now-certified data scientists to ask for their opinions on getting certified, why they think it was worth it for them, and how it helped them take the next step in their data science career.
If you believe learning on DataCamp would be a good thing for your team or workplace, you’ll first need to convince your manager. Here’s how you can bring the world’s number one data science learning platform to your team.
Here is an overview of what a data science certification is, as well as a guide to certification-related resources available here on DataCamp.
DataCamp’s data science competitions are now live! You’ll be able to put your data science skills into practice for the chance to win prizes, get new additions to your portfolio, and learn new approaches to a single problem from other people who solved it.
In this episode of DataFramed, we speak with Shameek Kundu, Chief Strategy Officer & Head of Financial Services at TruEra Inc about Scaling AI Adoption throughout financial services.
You’ve learned how to use Python to collect data—now it’s time to learn how to present it! With our new course in Dash, you’ll learn the ins and outs of building dashboards with Python’s most popular visualization tool!
Did you know that data visualization has origins in military healthcare reforms? In this blog post, we discuss how the famous nurse Florence Nightingale used charts to demonstrate her life-saving work to her target audience.