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This blog post summarizes how and why data culture is a variable in any successful analytics endeavor, the meaning of data culture, and how it is an extension of organizational habits.
We’re excited to launch a new version of DataCamp navigation that makes it easier for you to achieve your learning goals—whether it’s closing one’s skill gaps or managing a group.
Our infographic explains the importance of developing responsible AI and what it means for organizations today.
A young DataCamp Donates scholarship recipient from Nepal shares her experience spending the last year learning.
In this blog post, learn why data literacy is important and why some companies aren't extracting value from their data like they should be.
In this episode, Adel speaks with Barr Moses, CEO, and co-founder of Monte Carlo, on the importance of data quality and how data observability creates trust in data throughout the organization.
We recently released a report co-written by DataRobot’s VP of Trusted AI Ted Kwartler, Global AI Ethicist Haniyeh Mahmoudian, and Managing Director of AI Ethics Sara Khatry. Here’s a run-down of what to expect.