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Successfully shipping data science projects requires collaborating with various types of stakeholders. Who are these stakeholders? On a recent webinar, Brian Campbell unpacked 3 types of collaborators you can find in every data science project.
Building trust in AI is key towards accelerating the adoption of data science and machine learning in financial services. Learn how to accelerate the development of trusted AI within the industry and beyond.
Did you know there are three times as many data scientist job posts on LinkedIn as there are data scientists in the world? Read this and other interesting data science facts here!
In this episode of DataFramed, we speak with Vishnu V Ram, VP of Data Science and Engineering at Credit Karma about how data science is being leveraged to increase financial inclusion.
Looking to break into data science? Find out how to get started on your data science journey and what types of opportunities are available today.
Are you feeling ready to apply your Tableau skills? Find out how in our new course, Analyzing Customer Churn in Tableau, you’ll grow business-critical data analysis and visualization skills to increase a telecom company’s customer retention, as well as additional pieces of advice.
Fortune 1000 companies are using DataCamp to upskill their teams in the latest and most relevant data science skills. Start a free trial to upskill your team on everything from non-coding essentials for business to data science and machine learning, all taught by leading experts in the field.
With our new weekly competitions up and running, the winners of our recent Workspace Competition give some bite-size tips on how you can excel at these yourself.