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New R course on Coursera: Data Analysis & Statistical Inference

March 5th, 2015 in R Programming

This week a new session of Data Analysis and Statistical Inference, taught by Doctor Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel from Duke university, has started on Coursera. Just like with the previous runs, all labs take place in DataCamp’s interactive learning environment.Throughout the course, you will learn how to collect, analyze, and use data to make inferences and conclusions about real world phenomena. No formal background is required, but mathematical skills are definitely a plus. This R course does a great job in teaching you how to make use of data in the face of uncertainty.Being R fanatics, its great to see the course makes intensive use of R for its statistical computing. To provide a better learning experience, the R course makes use of corresponding interactive exercises hosted on DataCamp (developed together with doctor Çetinkaya-Rundel). In sum, this course is perfectly tailored to your needs if you are a starting data scientist and you are looking to expand your basic statistical knowledge.(Make also sure to check out OpenIntro Statistics, which covers most of the topics of this Coursera course as well.)coursera_logo_RGB


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