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AI Singapore Selects DataCamp as its Online Learning Platform

DataCamp Team,
August 3, 2018 min read

DataCamp is excited to partner with AI Singapore to help them boost the artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities Singapore needs to power its future digital economy. AI Singapore is a national program launched by the National Research Foundation of Singapore to build Singapore’s AI capabilities. DataCamp’s online learning platform provides an intuitive, learn by doing experience for building data science skills and making data fluency a competitive advantage.

AI Singapore is Training the Next Generation of AI/ML Engineers for Singapore Industry

Under an innovative AI Apprenticeship Program (AIAP), participants will have full access to DataCamp’s complete online curriculum for learning, practicing, and applying R, Python, SQL, and other programming languages. The Data Science skills they gain will enable them to address real-world AI problems during the AIAP and afterward as AI professionals.

Participants will take DataCamp courses in their first two months of the program. They will then apply these skills over the next seven months by collaborating with AI Singapore mentors and participating companies to help solve a real-world AI problem in healthcare, urban solutions, or finance.

We believe DataCamp is a natural fit for the AIAP. Our learn-practice-apply model makes it easy for learners to utilize their data science skills on real-world problems. We'll keep you posted on the innovative work of the AIAP participants.

If you would like to learn more about the partnership, check out AI Singapore's press release.