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Blazing the Trail in Developing AI Literacy Across Singapore

Q&A with Mr. Koo Sengmeng, Deputy Director of AI Innovation, AI Singapore
Mar 2021  · 4 min read

Two and a half years ago, AI Singapore (AISG) selected DataCamp as your preferred online training partner. What milestones have been reached since then?

Since the DataCamp collaboration was announced in August 2018, the AI for Students (AI4S)® programme has reached more than 21,000 students and the AI for Industry (AI4I)® programme has allowed over 5,000 working professionals to benefit from DataCamp as a learning resource to gain proficiency in Python and programming basic AI and data applications. As compared to traditional learning styles, DataCamp’s self-directed learning model works very well for working professionals, particularly in today’s digital economy, where data and AI literacy is essential.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted online learning for AISG’s learners?

We saw an impact in three areas:

  • There was a heightened increase in requests for AI4S access in the early stages of the pandemic.
  • There has been a high take-up rate with working professionals too, as many were working from home during Singapore’s COVID lockdown (Circuit Breaker).
  • In terms of success, we saw an extraordinarily high completion rate of 45% for the first four batches of AI4I participants. This rate is much higher than the average MOOC completion rate.

What do you like about DataCamp?

Firstly, DataCamp’s pedagogy of short two-to-three-minute videos followed by hands-on coding exercises embedded as part of AI4I works, and it’s driving the high completion rate. We like that the DataCamp modules have a very user-friendly interface and are interactive and engaging for learners. DataCamp integrates with LMS (Learning Management Systems) and has a sandbox environment which enhances hands-on practice sessions.

The lesson structure is concise and straightforward and it helps that the content provided is delivered in a bite-sized format, which makes it easy for learners to digest. Other notable mentions include a whole suite of courses available, regular additions of new courses and updates, access to experts from the data science and analytics community, as well as real datasets for learners to work on.

The courses provided cater to a wide range of learners; in particular, they are relevant to working professionals. As they are accessible online, busy working professionals can learn at their pace and will just need to set aside one or two hours to learn, freeing up more time as compared to having to spend time commuting from one location to another.

We particularly enjoy the gamification of lessons which provides an excellent and experiential way to learn, thus helping the students to progress through the different levels of difficulty.

What are some exceptional results you’ve seen since implementing DataCamp?

DataCamp is the preferred platform for our learners compared to other content types. To date, feedback has been very positive. Users reported that they continue to use DataCamp as a useful learning and reference tool to keep them updated.

Here are two examples:

AI for Students (AI4S)®

This programme takes secondary and tertiary students to the next stage of data fluency by equipping them with programming and data skills. To support their learning journey, educators from the Ministry of Education’s public schools can tap into AISG’s partnership with DataCamp to leverage the latter’s learning platform for teaching purposes. Students can also embark on independent learning in the lessons under AI4S which include learning Python programming and Git, which are necessary skills to get started in working with AI.

Since AI4S was launched in November 2018, it has reached more than 21,000 students across Singapore’s public schools.

Feedback from an educator and student

AI for Industry (AI4I)®

This programme is open to industry professionals such as technical executives, managers, and developers, as well as undergraduates. AI4I introduces participants to AI concepts and use cases, and equips them with the programming skills to build data and AI applications. It is hosted on AISG’s online AI Makerspace platform and leverages DataCamp for the learning resources that participants need to complete the programme.

Feedback from AI4I participants

What would you tell others who might be considering partnering with DataCamp?

Go for it, get on the DataCamp platform today! DataCamp is the way to go. It’s a great learning platform for anyone who would like to build or deepen their data skills. It’s tailored for your needs and you get to learn at your own pace.

If you’re interested in learning more about AI Singapore and our talent programmes, please visit


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