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Get insights & best practices into AI & machine learning to drive data transformation, upskill, and build data cultures. Discover how you can use ML in your work.
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Alan Turing: A Life and a Legacy

In this post, we explore the life of Alan Turing, the long-lasting impact his work had on data science as we know it today, and in light of his memory the interactions between data science and the LGBTQ+ community.
Shaun Edmond's photo

Shaun Edmond

July 1, 2021

Life at DataCamp

Data Literacy for Responsible AI [Infographic]

Our infographic explains the importance of developing responsible AI and what it means for organizations today.
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DataCamp Team

June 21, 2021


Open Source in Data Science [Infographic]

Our infographic explains how the open-source revolution has transformed data science and maps out how to become fluent in data manipulation, data visualization, machine learning, reporting and communicating data, and natural language processing.
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DataCamp Team

February 19, 2021

Life at DataCamp

DataCamp Digest February 2021: Trends for the New Normal

Introducing a brand-new series highlighting our favorite articles of the month on all things data.
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DataCamp Team

February 10, 2021

For Business

This New AI Incubator Gives Social Impact Startups Access to 1,700 Data Scientists

Omdena’s AI Incubator connects early-stage impact startups with the data science talent and platform they need to collaborate on the world’s most important problems.
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Terry Maher

January 26, 2021

Product News

Data Fluency in 2021

DataCamp is hosting a monthly webinar in series in 2021 focused on scaling data science and building organization-wide data fluency with our IPTOP Framework.
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DataCamp Team

December 21, 2020