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DataCamp Content 2022: Year in Review

Find out about this year's highlights from the DataCamp content team, including some of the new courses, tracks and projects we launched.
Dec 2022  · 4 min read

2022 was a great year for DataCamp content! We continued to focus on providing top-quality content that learners need to take the next steps in their learning journeys. To that end, we launched 70+ new pieces of content across available and new technologies in 2022! We also updated +60% of all analytics & data science courses, launched eight new business intelligence case studies, and added ~75 more courses to mobile. Read on for more about this year’s content highlights.

New Content

As mentioned, DataCamp launched over 70 pieces of new content in 2022. We focused this content on adding to existing topic areas, like Python, SQL, PowerBI, and Tableau, and better guiding learners with new tracks, projects, practice, and case studies. We also launched new areas of focus, like Julia, MLOps, and Data Skills and Essentials. Below is a breakdown of content created and a highlighted list of content by curriculum area. Check them out!

Content By Type.png

New Content by Content Type

Analytics and Data Science

In addition to maintaining our existing courses, we launched new courses, practice pools, and projects. See below for some of our launches.

Business Intelligence

We also launched two new tracks and eight case studies to help learners better apply skills. See the tracks and a few highlighted case studies below!

Data Skills and Essentials (*New Curriculum!*)

We created this content area in Q3 2022, and already have two courses launched!

Machine Learning and Data Engineering

We also introduced two new areas of focus, Julia and MLOps, and launched our first two courses within those areas.

Content Updates

We made a range of updates to content in 2022, including updates to existing content, as well as tailoring content to learners and making more content available on mobile. We’ve highlighted our updates below!

  • We made updates to +60% of our courses for an improved user experience
  • We updated Python versioning to more closely mimic real-world scenarios
  • We’ve increased our mobile course catalog by %230, adding over 75+ courses, with plans to add more in 2023.


At DataCamp, we prioritize instructors who are both experts and have a passion for sharing their knowledge. In 2022, we continued to prioritize hiring top-quality instructors to build and teach their passion subjects to learners. We wanted to share a bit about them with the DataCamp community!

  • We welcomed 49 new and repeat instructors in 2022
  • They hail from universities, tech companies, financial institutions, and more! Some of the top organizations they come from are Microsoft, Meta, and the University of Indiana.
  • 80% are Professors, Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, CEOs, Senior Data Analysts, and Business Heads and Strategists, with others specializing in more niche areas.

There was so much to celebrate in 2022, and we hope you found the year’s highlights enjoyable, and insightful! In 2023, we plan to expand in the areas mentioned and break into new technologies, like Docker! We will keep you posted on our progress. Looking forward to connecting in 2023!

Happy Holidays!
The DataCamp Content Team



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