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Expanding Your Data Science Skills

Attending conferences is good for your data science learning. Discover a few other reasons why you should attend the Open Data Science Conference (ODSC)!
Mar 2016  · 3 min read

(Guest post by Sheamus McGovern of ODSC) 

Despite being one of the top jobs of our time, you don’t necessarily need access to expensive software and a PhD from a top school to become a data scientist.  Rather a commitment to gaining knowledge and learning the tools of the data science trade can go long way. Lucky for us, most of the tools our peers and employers expect us to learn are open source and freely accessible.

Similar to how DataCamp is democratising learning data science, ODSC is making professional data science conferences more accessible. ODSC East gives you unparalleled access to the top names, companies, and training in data science without charging you a small fortune to do so. 

A 3-day all access training and conference pass already offers tremendous value but use the discount code ODSC-DC to get a further 15% off.

open data science conference

Here are a few other reason to attend ODSC...

Open source

Mastering open source data science tools is an important part of becoming a data scientist. ODSC East focuses on the open source languages, tools and topics that your peers and employers want you to know. You get get hands-on training on languages such as Python, R, and Julia; tools like scikit-learn, drill and hadoop; and topics like machine learning and deep learning.  Better yet, you get to learn from the creator of these tools such a Joe Cheng (R Shiny) Andreas Mueller (scikit-learn) and Max Kuhn (caret) to name but a few.

Rock Stars

As you learn data science, it’s important to remember it’s an applied field.  You will be tasked with solving problems in the real world.  At ODSC East you get to learn directly from some of the best data scientists in in the world. A  few of the extremely talented individuals you’ll be in the same room with are Owen Wang, Kirk Bourne, Usama Fayyad,  Michael Schmidt, Ben Vigoda, Allen Downey, and Andy Palmer.


ODSC East is all about the topics, tools and languages in data science. It’s an unparalleled opportunity that gives you 3 full days of training, and tutorials and with over 100 presenters, including 30 workshops and training sessions that range from artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to machine learning and deep learning.  Hear and learn directly from the companies behind some of today's biggest data science projects including Julia, Stan, TensorFlow (Google),  Watson (IBM),  CNTK (Microsoft), and torch-autograd ( Twitter)

Careers and Networking

Looking for a job when you need a job is never a good plan. Data science is a huge field and it takes time to network and find the first or next position that’s perfect for you.  At ODSC East you can connect with over 2,000+ data science attendees and 400+ companies. At our dedicated career fair the the companies you want to work for are hiring everything from interns to chief data scientist.  

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