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Introducing Daily Practice Mode!

Gabriel de Selding,
July 10, 2017 min read
Discover DataCamp's new feature: practice mode! You can now practice R and Python for Data Science every day through fun interactive coding challenges.

Every data science student know that learning data science requires focus, discipline, and practice every day. Starting today, you can build up your data science fluency with the DataCamp practice mode. Once you complete a course, practice mode for that course gets unlocked and you will be challenged with 5 exercises that you can take at any time. These exercises cover familiar content from a different perspective, helping you learn the subject matter at a deeper level. We recommend you do at least one full session of practice mode daily to maximize retention of a new concept.

practice data science

Data science mastery doesn’t come easy, and practicing on a daily basis with the content that you learned in DataCamp's courses will make your learning much more efficient and thorough.

data science challenges

The format of these challenges vary. From analyzing a graph to writing the script to reproduce the output shown, or even writing the output of a given script, these challenges will test your knowledge in a fun and engaging way.

interactive data science exercises

We believe this is such an important part of the learning process, that we’ve featured practice mode right in your dashboard. For now, the following courses have challenges unlocked once the course is completed:


More to come so stay tuned!

Oh, and you get 250xp for each challenge session you complete. So don’t wait, start practicing today!