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Introducing the DataCamp Unlimited Plan

Discover how we address the need for data skills training and issues with typical online education with DataCamp Unlimited.
Oct 2022  · 7 min read

At DataCamp, our mission is to democratize data skills for everyone.

Over the years, we’ve observed that executives consistently underestimate the internal demand for data skills training. Similarly, we’ve seen employees, both data experts and data consumers, expressing the need and desire for learning resources. Whether it’s data professionals looking to hone their skills in emerging technologies or non-experts seeking to build their data competencies, there is an evident need for this data fluency. 

Unfortunately, the typical standard seat-based model adopted by almost every online educational provider jeopardizes data educational initiatives. It gives employees unequal access to data training, limiting the organization's ability to build data skills across the board.

These observations required us to act in line with our mission. 

In the era of data fluency, democratizing data skills means that training should be available to every organization, regardless of size. So, we came up with DataCamp Unlimited, a cost-effective plan that we’ve been trialing with a select number of our customers.

DataCamp Unlimited offers enterprise customers of all sizes the chance to use DataCamp’s learning platform across their entire operation. Offering a predictable and fixed annual cost, no hidden fees, and no usage or seat restrictions, we’re removing the friction and administrative burden of typical seat-based license plans.

During the trial, we saw a staggering 4x engagement increase compared to expectations. In particular, one client facilitated over 10,000 employees starting their data fluency journey in just a few months. This shift significantly increased the organization’s capability to speak to data insights, conduct data-driven decision-making, and leverage new ways to understand and use data.

Today, we’re pleased to be rolling out DataCamp Unlimited to all our enterprise customers.

The Need for Data Fluency

In the last decade, there’s been a significant shift in the business world. 

Organizations in every industry have started to generate massive amounts of data. And those who can harness that data have gained groundbreaking insights and considerable competitive advantages.

This shift into data-oriented businesses has led us into a new era:

The era of data fluency.

What happens when the business world shifts? Previously specialized skills become table stakes overnight. Suddenly, almost everyone needs these skills to stay relevant, both professionals and organizations. 

If we go back 40 years, computers changed how we live and work. Computer literacy became essential for all professionals, not just in IT but finance, HR, marketing, and more. 

Twenty years later, the internet and software did the same thing; internet and software literacy became a must-have skill for all employees, not only for computer geeks.  

Today, we are seeing that data fluency is the new must-have skill set. It is no longer exclusively needed by data scientists and experts; but also by the consumers of data insights and all who want to make decisions in a data-driven way. This demand means everyone needs the chance to gain these skills, similar to how everyone got the opportunity the learn how to use a computer, browse the internet or send an email.   

Data fluency shift

The DataCamp Unlimited Plan: Suitable For Every Enterprise Business

The DataCamp Unlimited Plan allows enterprise customers of all sizes unlimited use of the DataCamp learning platform and all its features to build data fluency. Unlike seat plans, it comes at a fixed price, with a predictable annual cost and no hidden fees. 

Today, almost every data leader, along with L&D departments and executive teams, is thinking about how best to equip their teams with the necessary data tools and skills to be ready for the data fluency era. 

So from now on, DataCamp is offering its enterprise customers the option of a DataCamp Unlimited Plan as an alternative to a seat-based plan.  

This DataCamp Unlimited Plan allows our customers to maximize the accessibility and use of the DataCamp learning platform across their entire organization. With a predictable and fixed annual cost, no hidden fees, and no usage or seat restrictions, we’re removing the friction and administrative burden of typical seat-based license plans. 

DC Unlimited Plan Infographic.jpg

Our Unlimited Plan pricing is not exclusive to only the largest Fortune 100 companies. Being a company of ± 200 people ourselves, we wanted it to be accessible for companies of all sizes. Hence why we’re offering different pricing plans for different size companies. Contact us if you want to know more. 

So, if you’re an enterprise organization looking to upskill your workforce, DataCamp Unlimited could be suitable. Compare our plans and get started today.

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Why Choose DataCamp Unlimited?

Since launching our Unlimited Plan, our early enterprise adopters have seen an exponential increase in the number of employees trialing DataCamp. Not only that, but actual learning also increased - with some clients seeing as much as 5x the amount of content being consumed.

Customers of the Unlimited Plan get access to our fully interactive data curriculum, which covers all necessary concepts to succeed in the current data-first world. This means 1000+ hours of learning materials in established technologies and topics (R, SQL, Python, PowerBI, Tableau, Data Engineering, Data Literacy, and more), as well as emerging technologies and trends such as Julia, Artificial Intelligence, and Airflow.

Content Areas and Themes

Furthermore, with no usage or seat restrictions, we’ve removed the administrative burden that typically comes with distributing licenses in a seat-based model. 

Contact us today to learn how this could work for your team and organization.

Start Your Data Fluency Journey Today

We want to be more than a technology vendor; we want to be a partner on your data fluency journey. 

Onboarding and training large teams of hundreds of people is no easy task. So, when you choose DataCamps Unlimited, you’ll have a whole team of experts behind you.

  1. You will receive a dedicated customer success manager who will provide you with resources and guidance to start a learning program. They will help you set learning assignments, goals, and timelines, review your learning program’s ROI, and help set up your SSO & LMS integrations. 
  2. You will also have access to our team of data learning experts to create tailored onboarding programs and custom learning paths and receive expert training recommendations to meet your data skills-building objectives.   

In addition to guidance and support from our expert team, every Unlimited Plan customer gets access to our entire range of enterprise features - LMS integrations, skills measurement functionality, custom learning tracks, assignments, single sign-on, and advanced reporting tools. 

Ready to Get Started?

Want to know more about how our new Unlimited plan can benefit your business? 

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