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Get a Free Week of Access and Join the XP Challenge

Get a free week of DataCamp Premium access and compete for the chance to win up to $3000. The more you learn, the more you might earn!
Nov 2022  · 8 min read

XP Challenge Daily Winning Totals

Daily Winner      XP Gained
07/11/2022          24,409
08/11/2022         34,155
09/11/2022         31,258
10/11/2022         32,400
11/11/2022          41,435
12/11/2022         64,485
13/11/2022         52,081

XP Challenge Weekly Winning Totals

Winners                 XP Gained

1st                            128,275
2nd                          120,053
3rd                           108,044
4th                           107,720
5th                           94,930
6th                           86,010
7th                           71,753
8th                           67,761
9th                           64,789
10th                         64,485

What is Free Week? 

DataCamp is committed to giving everyone the chance to improve their data literacy skills. In addition to data training, we also provide a range of free resources, such as articles, tutorials, podcasts, and cheat sheets. 

Data education is our passion, and we’re giving new and existing users unlimited access to our entire Learn Premium platform for free between November 7 and November 13. 

Free Week gives unlimited week-long access to everything DataCamp Premium offers and is available to individuals anywhere, anytime. So if you’re looking to learn or develop your programming skills, you can get started for free. 

This means that during our Free Week, anyone can access our entire library of 388 courses, 85 projects, 60 practice sessions, and 23 assessments across Python, R, SQL, Power BI, Tableau, Julia, and more. Not only that, but to ensure you finish the week off with confidence, you also have access to the following resources:

What is the XP Challenge?

Not only can you enjoy a free week of unlimited Learn Premium, but you can also win cash prizes in our rewarding XP Challenge. As you progress through our premium courses for free this week, you can learn your way up our XP leaderboard to be in with a chance of winning cash prizes of up to $3000! The more you learn, the more you might earn.

What is XP? 

XP stands for Experience Points. While there are several ways you can earn XP on DataCamp, for this event, you can only earn XP towards the XP challenge by completing courses

So the more you complete DataCamp courses to hone your data skills, the more XP you earn, and the higher your chance of winning the challenge!

How Does the XP Challenge Work? 

Our learners love the XP Challenge, and this time we’re making things a little different. This challenge is all about community goals. Collectively, our DataCamp learners need to hit a collective target of 250 million XP over the course of Free Week. 

If you hit this target, there will be cash rewards available. This means if the community reaches the 250 million XP target, we’re offereing

  • Daily prizes of $250 for individuals earning the most XP on courses in a single day. 
  • Weekly prizes for the top 10 learners over the course of the week
    • Top XP earner - 1st Prize: $1250
    • 2nd Prize: $1000
    • 3rd Prize: $750
    • 4th Prize: $500
    • 5th Prize: $400
    • 6-10th Prize: $300 each

Furthermore, if the community reaches a collective 500 million XP by the end of Free Week, we’ll double all prize money. So, daily winners will receive $500, and Weekly prize winners will receive up to $2500. 

Daily XP winners will be evaluated between 9 AM EST and 11:59 PM EST on Nov 7 & 12:01 AM EST to 11:59 PM EST daily between Nov 8-Nov 13.

Weekly winners will be evaluated based on XP earned during the week of Nov 7, 9 AM EST to Nov 13, 11:59 PM EST. See the full terms and conditions for more information. 

How Do I Sign Up for the XP Learner Challenge?

It takes only two steps to register for the XP Learner Challenge: The first thing you need to do is to log in or sign up to DataCamp. Secondly, you must ensure that you opt into DataCamp's promotional activity.

And just like that, you're in the game! Visit the XP Challenge Page for more information. Remember, the more you learn, the more chance you have of winning a prize! 

How Can You Earn XP?

You can earn XP by exploring our courses. There are currently 388 courses with different levels, topics, and technologies. On average, you can collect 3,000 to 5,000 XP just by finishing a 4-hour course!

Taking a course is a great way to explore various learning topics and prepare for assessments, all while collecting your XP in bulk. 

What is the XP Accelerator Competition?

While learning and earning XP during the XP Challenge, learners have the chance to boost their XP by 50,000 points by participating in the XP Accelerator Competition. This is hosted on DataCamp Workspace and gives every learner the chance to apply their newfound data skills. For more details, check the XP Accelerator Competition page. 

Hurry; only 10 winners will be selected!

How Can I See What the XP Total is? 

We’ll be updating the community XP total at the top of this blog post, so make sure you check this post daily to see what the totals are and whether the prizes have been unlocked. 

Free Access Until November 13

Our all-week free access to DataCamp Premium allows anyone from any career or educational background to learn and upskill their data literacy skills. If you’re just starting your data literacy journey, our team has prepared tutorials and challenges to guide you through our many courses.

DataCamp is also an excellent environment for intermediate and advanced data practitioners to boost their data skills via our unlimited resources:

  • Our Data Analyst and Scientist Certifications are a great way to showcase your skills to employers 
  • DataCamp Jobs search portal can help you find your dream job. Complete a personalized profile that highlights your skills and have potential employers reach out to you directly.
  • DataCamp Workspace and Projects are great tools to use your data skills to work with real-world data. 

How to register 

To register for our Free Week, you need to visit our Free Week + XP Challenge page. All you need to do is enter your email address to sign up, and you’re all set to learn and enjoy your free access to DataCamp! 

Free Week access starts on November 7, 9 AM EST and runs until November 13, 11:59 PM EST. 

The Best Courses to Try Out 

Our inclusive e-learning platform is suitable for everyone: from those with no data literacy background to those proficient in many programming languages and data skills. That said, below is a list of example courses for every level to give you a glimpse into our comprehensive course library:

Beginners courses

Intermediate courses

Advanced courses

Announcing the Winners

We are extremely excited to see who the winners will be for this challenge. While the prizes are up for grabs every day of the week, we will only announce winners after November 16, 2022, at 1 PM ET. Follow our social channels to stay updated and keep on learning!

Register today and start learning your way to earning a prize!  

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