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Is getting a data science certification worth it?

We reached out to several now-certified data scientists to ask for their opinions on getting certified, why they think it was worth it for them, and how it helped them take the next step in their data science career.
Oct 2021  · 5 min read

There really is only one way to determine whether a data science certification is worth it: will it help you get a job in data science?

DataCamp certification: will it help you get a data science job?

We launched our Professional Data Scientist certification in June 2021, and we’re proud to have seen many of our certified learners getting data science jobs—in no small part thanks to our career services team, whose assistance is made available to everyone who gets certified.

In an earlier blog post we introduced you to the first two certified learners to get jobs, back when certification was only a few weeks old. For them, getting certified definitely proved worth it when they landed their dream jobs, in the Canadian Olympics Team and Johnson and Johnson. That winning streak has been kept up since then. We recently reached out to several learners who have successfully completed the assessments and have come out successful in the job search.

Gregorio's data science journey

First up we have Gregorio, who recently got a job as a Process Control Specialist. Looking for a data science job can come with setbacks and competition over data science positions. However, getting certified was just the leg-up Gregorio needed:

When DataCamp launched the certification program, there was a lot of demand for data science positions. Having a couple of interviews with the career services, a quick resume review, and a preparatory interview, I improved my social media profiles, resume, and portfolio. I think this allowed me to access my very first interviews for data-related positions. Although I was rejected for several opportunities, I got my first job offer in less than a month!

Jens' data science journey

Many data science job listings list a mathematical degree or background as their requirements, and getting certified can give you that extra boost you need to demonstrate your enthusiasm about making the transition to data science. Jens was a learner who made a career change from physics, and found our data science certification program invaluable:

Having worked for a couple of years as a physicist I wanted to get into data science, but I didn't have any data science job experience. I did a lot of data science courses on DataCamp and completed their certification program. This gave me access to DataCamp career services, where they helped me improve my resume by highlighting skills that are relevant for industry employers. They also gave advice and consultations on strategies for applying for jobs, and how to approach the interviews themselves. I just got my first data science job, and I think that DataCamp career services really helped with this.

Yinghue's data science journey

Yinghui felt the same when she underwent a career change from landscape architecture into data science and started her new position as a Data Science Fellow at none other than DataCamp itself.

I was having a hard time during my career change until I passed the data science certification from DataCamp and talked to my career coach Jen. She provided lots of advice on my resume and additional tools for mock interviews and organizing my job application. I feel more confident and excited in my new position!

Benoit's data science journey

Whether or not a data science certificate is worth it primarily hinges upon the possibility of getting a job afterward. However, when deciding which certification is right for you, you’ll also want to consider the certification process itself. Benoit, who now works as a Data Migration Analyst, had completed a lot of learning on DataCamp by the time he got certified and greatly enjoyed the challenge posed by the assessments and the support provided afterward:

I saw Certification as an opportunity to showcase and improve my knowledge in data science. The certification allowed me to find and improve my skill gaps. The certification process is excellent and tests all the primary skills of a data scientist. The process takes time, but that is what makes it valuable. You have to put real work into it! Once certified, I had the pleasure to work with the career services department. From the resume to the job offer, Jen was always there to help.


Good luck to each and every one of them in their new jobs! 

To conclude, is getting a data science certification worth it? The short answer is yes. As is demonstrated by the stories of our certified learners, becoming a certified data scientist gives you:

  • An advantage over other candidates
  • Proof of your data science skills, whether you’re transitioning from another profession or completely new to data science.
  • Answers to questions related to applying and interviewing for data science jobs.

Ready to give your data science job hunt a boost? Get certified with DataCamp today! And although summer is over, our Summer Certification Challenge is still ongoing—sign up before October 31 to get a personalized careers package.


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