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What is a data science certification?

Here is an overview of what a data science certification is, as well as a guide to certification-related resources available here on DataCamp.
Oct 2021  · 5 min read

You’ve probably been learning data science, from how to develop models to how to communicate insights to non-technical stakeholders, for more than just the fun of it (although, props to you if you have). Many of you will have been learning with the goal of landing a data science job at the end—the high-paying, intellectually engaging work you’ve always dreamt of. To get there, first, you need to prove to employers that you know your stuff—but how do you do that? The answer lies in getting a data science certification.

A data science certification is a stamp of approval that sends the following message to any would-be employers: this individual has had their data science skills tested out by a trusted party, who have confirmed they meet a set of required standards.

How does DataCamp's Data Science Certification Work?

To illustrate the process of becoming a certified data scientist, here is how DataCamp’s data science certification works:

1. Timed assessments:

We begin by quizzing your knowledge on a range of data science topics. Our assessments adapt to your skill level based on your previous answers. At the end, if you meet a certain threshold, you’ll move onto the next stage.

2. A coding challenge:

In this long-form exercise you’ll be given three things: a scenario with a specific question, a relevant dataset, and latitude to answer it however you see fit. The third thing is the crux of this assessment: testing out your abilities to achieve a specific objective using data science, as you will need to during your data science career. In order to progress to the next step you’ll need to have achieved a correct result. Don’t worry—although this stage is done independently, you’ll know when this has been achieved. Furthermore, this step has no time limit and takes place in our IDE, so no installation is required.

3. A case study:

This last stage is split into two parts: a technical presentation and a non-technical presentation. During this stage, you’ll need to book a case study slot with one of our data scientists. 24 hours prior to the case study, we’ll send you a data set to analyze and during the case study session you’ll be expected to present your findings. The ability to communicate data insights are key to becoming a successful data scientist. Please note: We expect the work to be conducted by you, if there is evidence that someone else has conducted the work, this will result in an automatic fail.

You can find out more details about these steps through DataCamp’s Certification white paper.

Through the design of these tests, employers are assured that a learner certified in data science through DataCamp possesses the skills that will make them a valuable addition to the team: knowledgeable in data science, and capable of working under pressure, communicating their findings to technical and non-technical colleagues, and taking the initiative.

What are the prerequisites for enrolling in this data science certification program?

There are no mandatory requirements, however to ensure you are well prepared we recommend you complete the following:

    • Python Data Scientist Career Track


    • R Data Scientist Career Track


  • SQL Fundamentals

Ready to get certified in one of the world’s most in-demand jobs according to LinkedIn?

You can sign up for getting your certification through DataCamp by clicking here.

Additional resources to learn more about data science certifications

If you would like to know more about getting certified in data science, we’ve also produced a number of other articles you may find useful!

DataCamp’s Certification white paper, for more information on the process of getting certified.

DataCamp’s Professional Data Scientist Certification Program, for an overview of why we launched Certification.

How can I get certified in data science?, for a complete guide to all the options that exist for getting certified in data science.

How DataCamp’s Certification is helping learners land their dream jobs for a case study on two professionals who were able to secure employment after getting certified through DataCamp.

Top 5 Online Data Science Certifications for our five favorite online data science certifications.

What to do after becoming a certified data scientist through DataCamp, for a guide to what to do after being certified.

Tableau: From Student to Certification and Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification: Learn How to Use Tableau and Ace the Exam for information on getting certified in the BI tool.


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