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Martijn Theuwissen Officially Steps Into CEO Role

Nov 2019  · 2 min read

Hi Everyone,

For the last seven months I have led DataCamp as its Interim Chief Executive Officer. Today, I am officially transitioning into the role of CEO at DataCamp.

As co-founder of the company, I have worn many different hats in the past 6 years and have built and led a multitude of different teams in our marketing, sales, product, and content departments. I am excited to begin this new chapter alongside our employees, instructors, and the broader data science community, and to lead DataCamp through its next phase of growth as its new CEO. In this role I will be succeeding Jonathan Cornelissen. As the company’s first CEO and co-founder, he will support DataCamp with regular advice to help us realize our mission of democratizing data science education.

At DataCamp, we have a product that truly makes an impact, offering new opportunities to individuals and strengthening businesses. We do this through our curriculum of learning materials, which lowers the barriers to entry in order to democratize data science and analytics education so that everybody can benefit from the data revolution.

My priority will be to continue to ensure that DataCamp provides the best learning-by-doing experience to all our learners. We’ll do so by expanding our platform with new learning subjects such as Data Engineering, new products like Signal, and new services including Learner Analytics. These new offerings will benefit all of our learners, instructors, and business customers—helping DataCamp expand its reach. In addition, we will continue to focus on the recommendations of Working IDEAL’s independent, third-party review taking into account the advice the company has received from employees, representatives of the instructor community, and others.

I look forward to leading DataCamp and continuing our mission together with all data enthusiasts. All of us at DataCamp share the goal of improving data fluency around the world and creating a data science learning platform and community that is strong, healthy, and inclusive to all.

Martijn Theuwissen - CEO


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