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Announcing Members of the New DataCamp Instructor Advisory Board

Jul 2019  · 2 min read

We are excited to introduce the members of our newly formed DataCamp Instructor Advisory Board (IAB). Together, the inaugural IAB members represent the extraordinary talent, experience, and perspectives of our instructor community, and are committed to our collective mission of democratizing data science education for all.

Role of the IAB

The IAB, as described earlier in this update from our board, will provide independent advice and guidance to DataCamp on building a strong and supportive learning community, where instructors and learners thrive. The IAB will help DataCamp build and strengthen our relationships with current and new instructors, software communities, and learners. The IAB will also engage and partner with DataCamp to continually improve and innovate the curriculum and learning experience, and keep DataCamp at the forefront of thinking and trends in data science and analytics.

Inaugural IAB Members

Thank you to all the members of the instructor community who applied to be part of the IAB. We are honored by your commitment to making DataCamp better, and your investment in the DataCamp community. The following instructors have agreed to serve on the inaugural IAB:

We are grateful and excited to work with the IAB to improve data fluency around the world and create a data science learning platform and community that is strong, healthy, and inclusive to all.

Martijn Theuwissen - Interim CEO



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