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New interactive SQL coding projects

Alex Blackman,
March 21, 2022 3 minutes min read
It's a big month for SQL lovers, with the launch of four new coding projects. Join DataCamp's Curriculum Manager, Izzy Weber, to learn what's new!


Izzy Weber shares more about the new SQL interactive coding projects on DataCamp!

What are the new projects?

📝 Analyzing NYC Public School Test Result Scores

Use summary statistics and filters to analyze test scores across New York City's public schools.
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Analyzing American Baby Name Trends Use categorization and ranking techniques to explore 101 years of American baby name tastes.
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👾 When Was the Golden Age of Video Games?

Use joins and set theory to discover the best years for video games! 
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🏅Optimizing Online Sports Retail Revenue

Analyze product data to help an online sports retail company maximize its revenue.
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