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Analyzing NYC Public School Test Result Scores

Use summary statistics and filters to analyze test scores across New York City's public schools!

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Project Description

Every year, school test results play a role in deciding the fate of millions of students. In America, the SAT is a major part of the college admissions process. In this project, you will work with a SQL database containing test performance from NYC's public schools. You will look at how performance varies by borough, identify how many schools fail to report information, and find the top ten performing schools across the city!

Project Tasks

  1. 1
    Inspecting the data
  2. 2
    Finding missing values
  3. 3
    Schools by building code
  4. 4
    Best schools for math
  5. 5
    Lowest reading score
  6. 6
    Best writing school
  7. 7
    Top 10 schools
  8. 8
    Ranking boroughs
  9. 9
    Brooklyn numbers




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