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When Was the Golden Age of Video Games?

Use joins and set theory to discover the best years for video games!

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Project Description

In this project, you'll analyze video game critic and user scores as well as sales data for the top 400 video games released since 1977. You'll search for a golden age of video games by identifying release years that users and critics liked best, and you'll explore the business side of gaming by looking at game sales data.

Your search will involve joining datasets and comparing results with set theory. You'll also filter, group, and order data. Make sure you brush up on these skills before trying this project!

Project Tasks

  1. 1
    The ten best-selling video games
  2. 2
    Missing review scores
  3. 3
    Years that video game critics loved
  4. 4
    Was 1982 really that great?
  5. 5
    Years that dropped off the critics' favorites list
  6. 6
    Years video game players loved
  7. 7
    Years that both players and critics loved
  8. 8
    Sales in the best video game years




Data Manipulation
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