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Video: Intro to Python for Spreadsheet Users

Ryan Sheehy,
March 7, 2019 1 min read
In this video tutorial, you'll watch the end-to-end automation of a routine spreadsheet task being completed using Python.

If you would like to learn more about transitioning from spreadsheets to Python, take Chris Cardillo's Python for Spreadsheet Users Course.

Every day, millions of workers head into the office and open up a spreadsheet, a workbook, or a series of workbooks to accomplish routine tasks. These tasks take time. They can be repetitive and sometimes even downright boring. So in the 21st century, where most routine tasks can be automated, what's the alternative?

In this video, DataCamp Data Scientist Chris Cardillo will help to demystify the Python programming language for those familiar with spreadsheets, and will draw parallels between common spreadsheet techniques (like VLOOKUP and pivot tables) in order to give spreadsheet users an entry point into Python. Viewers will watch the end-to-end automation of a routine spreadsheet task, and hopefully, by the end feel comfortable giving it a try themselves!

Check out DataCamp's tutorial on Using Python to Power Spreadsheets in Data Science.