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Python for Spreadsheet Users

Use your knowledge of common spreadsheet functions and techniques to explore Python!

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Course Description

Are you looking for a better solution than the one you’ve built in a spreadsheet? If so, then Python for Spreadsheet Users is a great introduction to the Python language, and will put you on the right path towards automating repetitive work, diving deeper into your data, and widening the scope of what you are capable of accomplishing. Throughout the course, we’ll draw parallels to common spreadsheet functions and techniques, so you’ll always have a familiar reference point as you dive head first into Python.

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    Diving In


    Let's get right into it! In this chapter, you'll become acclimated with Python syntax, loading your data into a Python session, and how to explore and edit this data to answer business questions.

  2. Pivoting in Python

    The pivot table is a core tool in the savvy spreadsheet user's arsenal. In this chapter, we'll focus on simply recreating this functionality in Python using some handy DataFrame methods.

  3. Working with Multiple Sheets

    This chapter will focus on how to import and manage multiple sheets from a workbook, as well as how to join these sheets together using the Python equivalent of a VLOOKUP: the left join.

  4. Plotting Data

    Now that you're able to import and manipulate your data in Python, let's shift our focus to visualizing this data so that our insights are easily communicable to others.

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