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2022-2023 DataCamp Classrooms Annual Report

As we enter the new school year, DataCamp Classrooms is more motivated than ever to democratize data learning, with over 7,650 new Classrooms added in the last 12 months.
Aug 2023

DataCamp Classrooms Annual Report 10.png

New School Year, New Format

The 2022-2023 academic year was another year of success for DataCamp Classrooms, our 100% free program for teachers and students worldwide. Teachers can apply for educational groups (or “Classrooms”) that give all their students unlimited access to DataCamp's courses and resources for six months at a time. This program has served as a lifeline for thousands of colleges and universities, and we are committed to expanding it to even more in the coming year.

Before we do, let’s look back at some of the tremendous quantitative data generated by DataCamp Classrooms teachers and students this past academic year.

Success Metrics: Straight A’s

DataCamp Classrooms Annual Report 11.png

In the 2022-2023 academic year, educators created over 7,650 DataCamp Classrooms, an over 11% increase from the previous academic year. In all, we received over 20% more applications from teachers.

Of those 7,650 groups, over 5,600 were used actively. Our biggest goal for this coming year is to vastly improve our application and onboarding flow so that 100% of the Classrooms we approve actually get used. Regardless, we’re elated to report that these 5.6k Classrooms brought in over 203,000 NEW teachers and students who received free data science education on DataCamp last year.

February 2023 was the most active month of the year (with over 4,700 active Classrooms on DataCamp) as teachers and students sought to make the Spring semesters more successful than their Autumn.

DataCamp Classrooms was introduced to over 1,000 new academic institutions that had never utilized the program before, thanks to their resourceful teachers who applied to our program. Over the course of the school year, we amassed exactly 2,200 active schools.

DataCamp Classrooms Annual Report 13.png

All told, the DataCamp Social Impact and Support Teams received over 9,100 DataCamp Classrooms applications, and we’re proud of the fact that we over 83% of them.

The majority of Classrooms users came from North America and Europe, however, we saw an increase in shares from Asia, especially the Middle East. We hope our many DataCamp Donates partnerships with nonprofits and student clubs in Africa and Latin America will lead to a groundswell of new teachers applying to DataCamp Classrooms for the first time this 2023-2024 school year.

DataCamp Classrooms Annual Report 14.png

New Kids on the Block

We define “new teachers and students” as those who have not previously used DataCamp Classrooms. We are currently updating our data collection and reporting systems to more accurately determine the number of scholarships awarded through DataCamp Classrooms.

One of the program's benefits is that it is not a limited-time offer or free trial. We don’t even ask teachers for credit card information. Teachers can reapply for a new DataCamp Classroom after their current one expires, and they can continue to give access to students who have already participated. As a result, the actual number of scholarships awarded by DataCamp Classrooms is likely to be twice as high.

The Top Ten Schools

Here is a new, fascinating data point our team is excited to share: the ten schools with the most teachers and students using DataCamp Classrooms!

  1. National University of Singapore 🇸🇬
  2. University of Texas at Dallas 🇺🇸
  3. Tilburg University 🇳🇱
  4. Hult International Business School 🇺🇸
  5. Airlangga University 🇮🇩
  6. University of Amsterdam 🇳🇱
  7. Arizona State University 🇺🇸
  8. Columbia University 🇺🇸
  9. University of North Texas 🇺🇸
  10. Open University of Catalonia 🇪🇸

We’re delighted that our Top Ten schools are a diverse group of institutions across the globe. The fact that smaller schools of <5k students can distribute even more DataCamp scholarships than some of the large schools on this list of >20k students is a testament to the flexibility and generosity of the program. Professors all all types of universities—public, private, nonprofit, even Ivy League—rely on DataCamp Classrooms for their data science education needs.

We hope this list grows more diverse over time with addition of institutions from Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.

For a complete how-to on getting DataCamp Classrooms as a teacher or student, read this article.

Spreading Data Literacy to More Secondary Schools and Awareness to More Teachers

Over the past two academic years, we added eight new countries’ secondary schools to our database of institutions whose teachers are eligible for DataCamp Classrooms, building off our initial launch of this feature in the US in May 2021. It’s been hugely gratifying to welcome secondary teachers and their students into our global learning community. This past academic year, we approved over 400 Classrooms for secondary teachers.

An excellent side-effect of bringing DataCamp Classrooms to secondary schools is that it raises the awareness of the program to all teachers in a given country. Our previous announcements for each country received a huge amount of positive feedback and, most importantly, reshares. This led to not only an obvious increase in applications from secondary teachers in those countries, but also a significant increase in applications from university professors in five of those countries compared to the previous year!

We’re especially proud to see that the most recent addition to this list, Türkiye, has already seen an increase in their user base after less than six months of DataCamp Classrooms being available to secondary teachers there. Read this blog post to discover how, in less than a month after the catastrophic earthquake, we worked with Turkish teachers on the ground and abroad to provide free data science education to their secondary schools.

download (12).png

All-time stats for DataCamp Classrooms

These metrics look at the entirety of our social impact programs since the soft launch of DataCamp Classrooms in 2016:

DataCamp Classrooms Annual Report 12.png

  • 38,000+ DataCamp Classrooms created by teachers from 13,000+ schools in 180+ countries.
  • 950,000+ unique users have received at least six months of free Premium access through DataCamp Classrooms and DataCamp Donates.

Please help us get to 1 million beneficiaries of DataCamp scholarships and fulfill our commitment to our partner Data Science 4 Everyone!

Bring on 2023-2024!

DataCamp Classrooms Annual Report 16.png

We are often asked why we give away one of our best packages for free to hundreds of thousands of people each year. It’s a fair, sensible question! Some things in life are too good to be true.

DataCamp Classrooms, however, is a real offer with a profoundly tangible impact on the next generation of data professionals. We relinquish over 10% of our annual revenue to run DataCamp Classrooms because we believe that teachers and students around the world have the power to transform the way we teach and learn about our world and our time in it.

Teachers—entrust your students with the world's leading data science education platform by applying to DataCamp Classrooms today. We will never ask you or your students for payment. It is completely free for as long as you are employed by an institution that grants degrees.

To ensure that our Support team can quickly verify your status as an educator, make sure that your name, job title, and email address are easily accessible on the faculty webpage you submit. For more eligibility information, please visit the DataCamp Classrooms Support Center and this handy how-to guide.

If you’re one of the tens of thousands of teachers who come back to DataCamp Classrooms term after term, thank you so much! Please consider filling out this form to become a DataCamp Classrooms Teacher Ambassador. This community of like-minded super-teachers will have exclusive offers, opportunities, lesson plans, and more. Plus, the first 50 qualified teachers to apply will get a free t-shirt for themselves and the person who introduced them to DataCamp.

Essential for academia

"Whether you’re teaching a pure data science class or something more multidisciplinary, DataCamp Classrooms is a tool every teacher and student should use.” — Mike Soltys, PhD. University of Colorado Boulder

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