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Q3 2022 DataCamp Classrooms Roundup

Here’s a breakdown of one the best quarters ever for building data literacy amongst teachers and students worldwide, thanks to DataCamp Classrooms. We also highlight the contributions of our fantastic interns.
Dec 2022  · 4 min read

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The start of the Fall 2022 semester broke the record for most DataCamp Classrooms created in a single quarter! High school, undergraduate, and graduate-level teachers created over 2,300 DataCamp Classrooms in 80+ countries, resulting in over 24,000 new teachers and students getting six months of free access to DataCamp Learn, Workspace, Certification, and Jobs.

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We also expanded DataCamp Classrooms eligibility to secondary school teachers in Canada, France, Australia, and the Czech Republic. Here are two blog posts that tell the stories of how high school teachers in Czechia and Australia reached out and provided the necessary data the DataCamp Social Impact Team needed for the verification of school email addresses in those territories. Along with the USA, UK, Belgium, and Poland, that makes high schools in eight countries eligible to take advantage of everything DataCamp Classrooms has to offer. Email us at to help us add your country’s secondary schools!

I obtained the list of secondary schools' private email domains from the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports and forwarded it to the DataCamp team. Now I am looking forward to the next school year with help of DataCamp.

Jakub KormárekComputer Science Teacher, SSPS

DataCamp's courses provide me with the skills I need to deliver the topic of data science in the classroom confidently. As a result, my students will experience data science in a way that will enable them to transition more easily into the industry.

David FenwickTeacher & Head of eLearning, Saint Paul's School

There’s lots of good feedback from job interviews… Often it’s the case that what they ask is something that [students] trained for on DataCamp. So that’s really cool.

Marcus BirkenkraheAssociate Professor of Data Science, Lyon College

What do teachers and students get with DataCamp for Classrooms?

  • A comprehensive data science curriculum of over 380 courses that can take anyone from novice to expert, from basic Theory courses to all prominent coding technologies such as Python, SQL, R, and more. 
  • Data science projects using real-world data sets and scenarios that give students experience applying their new skills toward an end goal.
  • An easy-to-use platform accessible all-in browser without ever having to download any software.
  • Practice exercises to boost your data science skills with quick daily challenges.
  • Subtitles for all of our course videos and best-in-class accessibility options
  • Assignments and reporting tools to enhance your classroom management capabilities.  You’ll know exactly which of your students completed your assignments, and when. We’ll even show you the results of their Skill Assessments.
  • High achievers can receive industry-recognized Data Scientist, Data Engineer and Data Analyst certifications
  • DataCamp Workspace, a creative space that lets teachers make custom assignments and enables students to share their portfolios of data-driven work.
  • The complete DataCamp app on iPhone and Android
  • We even let you and your students download our course content for offline study.
  • All of this for free!

Screen Shot 2022-11-30 at 3.39.38 PM.png

Hello, Goodbye

We have a new member of the Social Impact team! Oli Dewhurst is DataCamp’s new VP of Growth. Located out of London, he has his sights set on growing DataCamp Donates and Classrooms twofold in 2023.

DataCamp Donates and Classrooms are such great programs. The team has already come so far in such a short space of time to reach thousands of people across the world. I’m super excited to be here and we have some really exciting plans for 2023!

Oli DewhurstVP of Growth, DataCamp

We also bade fond farewells to our Social Impact Interns, Rayan Elatmani and Seve Perez as they went back to school. Their invaluable work on growing, maintaining, promoting, and improving all of DataCamp’s Social Impact programs will be felt as long as they last. In particular, our expansion into high schools in Australia, Canada, Czechia, and France would not have been possible without their diligent teamwork.



Their cheerful presence in our Empire State Building office will be missed by all of us. Best of luck to you both!



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