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DataCamp Classrooms Lands in Australian High Schools

DataCamp Classrooms is now available for all secondary schools in Australia. All Australian students 16+ and teachers can access our platform for free. Discover the story behind how this launch came about and how you, too, can get involved in democratizin
Aug 2022  · 4 min read


We are launching DataCamp Classrooms for all secondary school teachers and students in Australia. After the USA, the UK, Belgium, and Poland, we are introducing our fifth country to receive free data science education for all students aged 16 and up. DataCamp Classrooms remain available for all university teachers and students in the world.

What is DataCamp Classrooms?

DataCamp Classrooms gives teachers 6 months of renewable free access to our comprehensive data science learning platform. You and your students have access to all our courses and tools such as Workspace, Certification, and Jobs to boost your students’ career readiness. Applying is easy and fast. Visit and click on “Create My Free Class”. You will be redirected to the form at the bottom of the page. Fill in the information needed. Make sure to use your school’s email domain and a link to a faculty page testifying that you are a teacher at the school you indicated. After your application is accepted, your DataCamp Classroom will be accessible from your account in the “Groups” section. From there, you can invite your students onto the account and follow their progress during the semester.

Why Australia?

The Social Impact team at DataCamp is working daily to spearhead the DataCamp Donates and Classrooms programs. We focus our activities on mass promotion and communication to make disadvantaged communities aware of the fantastic resources they could benefit from for free and grow these programs. But we also spend time staying in direct contact with these communities. Through our email address, we receive countless requests regarding our programs and how people could be part of them. We treat each one as unique and hope to provide adequate support to all of them. 

Two months ago, David Fenwick, head of eLearning at an Australian high school, contacted us to inquire about free access to DataCamp for high schools. Although DataCamp Classrooms was not available then for secondary schools in Australia, it did not mean we would not help. Each of these messages we receive is a tremendous opportunity to discover our communities and allow them to participate in our mission of spreading free data literacy education. To launch DataCamp Classrooms in a secondary school, we need to know the name and private email domains of all high schools in that country. This is what we told David. We were elated when David quickly returned to us with the needed data. We thanked him for his support and view this article as a way to show our appreciation for him and to all involved members of the DataCamp community. We are grateful for his support and know that sharing his involvement in the program will motivate many to contribute to our mission.

The DataCamp courses provide me with the skills I need to deliver the topic of data science in the classroom confidently and their challenges allow me to test my skills in a real-world scenario. As a result, my students will experience data science in a way that will enable them to transition more easily into the industry.

David FenwickHead of eLearning at Saint Paul's School

You, too, can bring DataCamp Classrooms to your countries' high schools

We wanted to share this story to inspire you to contribute meaningfully to your community with a simple but highly impactful action. You, too, can help democratize data science education for free for millions of people in your country if you share with us an excel list with:

  • School Names
  • Private/Unique email domains (gmail, yahoo, hotmail… not accepted)
  • + other optional data (school's address, private or public…)

It is easy but also transformational for high school students and future generations at large. We already have many other countries to be revealed by the end of the year. Yet, you still have the opportunity to contribute to this project and impact significantly your country. We are missing high school data from many countries. You could be instrumental in spreading free data science education to all high schools worldwide.

Send us your high school lists at!

Special Acknowledgements

We want to thank David for his immense contribution to this project. The list he provided us had a significant impact on the announcement, we are making today. Thank you to all the teachers and students already using DataCamp Classrooms, for helping us spread free data science education across the world. Learn more and apply to DataCamp Classrooms here Visit our FAQ if you have any questions.

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